May 2020 Bonus Reflection with Divine Mother

by May 2020

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

Hello Friends,

I was looking through some of our Mystical Gold Classes and I found this mini-speaking from the Divine Mother which came through before the full Class, channeled in August of 2012. At the time, we weren’t facing the same kinds of difficulties that we are now, yet these words seemed to carry a message that we all could use. Please feel free to pass on this channeling to anyone you feel would benefit.

With Love,

“This is your Divine Mother and I flow forth to speak with you about how to reside during these most challenges times of great change upon the earth.”

—Divine Mother

“There are those who are currently residing upon the earth who know nothing about our speaking together, who are unaware that you gather yourselves together; and while you gather yourselves together to receive what you call your class, you also—in the gathering together—radiate outward Truth, the Great Truth, even while you are at times attempting to understand what is a most expanded truth. Even while you are struggling in your daily living, you are always emanating the most expanded manner that you possibly can experience and reside within.

“You have heard the words a multitude of times, yet I will say them once again. Never underestimate what you do individually and as a gathering of beings. Your frequencies and your strivings to maintain an expanded manner of residing flow forth from you and is like nectar to the hungry open mouths of suffering humanity. Without an effort to give, do you give.

“Then, we would speak together briefly and then another would speak.

“I wish to surround you and fill you with my great love for you.Perhaps you will experience my love while you hear these words. And perhaps later, while you are pausing in the busyness of your day, will you feel the overflowing of great love. Or perhaps, as you are asking for assistance, will you feel my love for you. Yet truth remains, my love flows to you and through you always.

“Then I would ask you to, in this moment, breathe deeply and simply allow this expression and experience to reside with you. You are most capable beings.

“As you allow your consciousness to expand, then it does. And in this moment I am inviting you to allow your manner of experience to become the most expanded that it possibly can be. And while I speak these words, do I flow forth about you and with you to assist you to incarnate your expanded love.

“Then, simply rest quietly and allow yourself to experience this moment that we share together within which we journey into that which always exists. And as you experience, then you recognize that you can later think about our experience together. For now, let us simply experience.

“You are most adept, now, at setting aside the concerns of your day and of the cause and effect in your life. Then, here we are in this moment.

(continued below)

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Teacher’s Course is a Five-Part Experiential Journey into the New Realm.

“The New Realm is one of relief from efforting. Now the thinking mind may have entered into the realization that this is possible, yet even the thinking mind doesn’t know how to move from one realm to another. And that is why I have created this course. It is an avenue to move from the realm that no longer suits those ones who are not magnetized to physicality’s play, the play that says more is better and being better is more. I have created that avenue so that the journey is easy and the letting go is automatic.

“When a child is holding on to something that he or she likes, when the real thing is placed before them, their hands automatically let go of that something and they reach out to the real. That is what this course is all about. It is very real. The frequencies and invitation are real and will assist those who choose to participate to enter into the New Realm. The New Realm is comfort, home and more…much more.”


“And while you breathe deeply, then, do I speak these words of Truth to you and with you, surrounding you with the love that is always present yet incarnating the experience:

“From the beginning of time have you resided within the heart of your Divine Mother.

“From the beginning of time have you been most perfect in every manner.

“From the beginning of time did you flow forth, searching for a manner of expressing that which you have always been in the Heart of your Divine Mother.

“And as you did journey forth, you did discover many ways of expressing your divine love, the same divine love that resides as my being.

“As you did journey through many realms, through many dimensions, and into the pulse beat of forming and unforming, did you hold within the fabric of your being that love of totality.

“And within the love of totality did you begin to express your journey into physicality.

“Every breath, every stepping, every thought, every word spoken and unspoken, every awakening, every painful sleep, every warm embracing, has always been an expression of the divine love that forms as you.

“Always have I loved you. Always do you reside within the heart of my being.

“The many truths that have flowed forth to assist you to incarnate your divine love, my divine love, have flowed forth as a direct expression of the warm embracing that I flow forth and breathe forth to you and with you.

“You are the children of my being. Though you are in physical form what you call adult beings, you are and will always be the children of my being.

“Do I now cause the love of my being to surround you, to surround your entire being, as if you are floating in the essence of my love, as if you are breathing in the essence of my love, as if you are breathing out the essence of my love… As if your thinking mind rests upon the foundation of my divine love… As if the movement of your body physical moves through and within the essence of my divine love.

“Breathe deeply, as if you are breathing in through all of the centers of your being, as if all of the centers of your being are automatically open in celebration of the breathing in of the divine love of the Mother of your being. Always loved. Always cherished. Always embraced.

“Breathe deeply through all centers of your being, as you breathe your breath of breaths into your being, as you breathe in the divine essence which surrounds you and loves you; you also breathe in through all of your centers the divine love, golden essence of being, nourishing, fulfilling, celebrating all that you are.

“And when you breathe outward through your mouth and all of the centers of your being, breathe outward all that has been an illusion, the illusion that led you to believe you are unloved. Breathe out the illusion that has led you to believe that you must effort to receive love. Breathe out all illusions.

“Each and every time that you breathe inward, know within the totality of your being that you are breathing in great love for you. Know that you are breathing in the love of your Divine Mother, nourishing, cherishing, fulfilling with peace and truth.

“While you reside in this manner, do I speak these words to you and for you:

“During the upcoming times within the cause and effect upon earth, there will be those invitations to fear, to doubt, to effort, and to become more of that which you already are. Deny those invitations. Refuse them to your being. And when you are tempted to believe the untruth, breathe deeply of my love for you as we have together now.

“When confusion flows around you and you know not what to do, refuse the confusion and breathe deeply of this love, the love of my heart wherein you reside.

“Remember, you always reside within the Heart of your Divine Mother. And it is your projected essence that has flowed forth and taken form. You reside now within the heart of my being. You have projected yourself into physicality. Your most expanded manner of being is now and evermore.

“The more that you breathe deeply in this manner, are you able to allow the open flowing of that which is called the real you to flow forth in a most complete manner, to fill you in your projected self.

“When you are tempted to effort, to be more, to try harder, remember these words. The real invitation is to be still in peace and in truth and open to that which you already are, that you might receive the flowing forth from your true self, that which resides always within the heart of my being.

“Then I surround you all, more and more, with the essence of that which I am.

“And you are now in physicality as you are now within the heart of my being. Always.

“Then reside in peace, my children.”

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