December 2019 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Miriandra RotaDec 2019

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!
“I am Teacher and I come forth to speak with you—daring beings who are incarnate during these tumultuous times—of something less tumultuous, something soft and gentle, something to nourish your spirit. It’s this.”


“Greetings! I am Teacher and I come forth to speak with you — daring beings who are incarnate during these tumultuous times — of something less tumultuous, something soft and gentle, something to nourish your spirit. It’s this.

“Long ago you came upon earth to explore what residing in physicality would be like. You found, much to your delight, that there resided here upon earth that which has come to be called nature, that which has come to be called the waters, and that which has come to be called the creatures of the Earth.

“You discovered that when you journeyed forth and placed your focus on any of these, that your Spirit automatically expanded and filled you with a deep inner peace, one that could only be experienced while residing incarnate. This experience spurred you on. You wanted to explore the more of who you were and you dared to venture upon the waters, upon the seas, and then to explore the depths of those waters. You discovered amazing creatures and more so, a manner of residing-as-one, yet of the whole.

“This precipitated an inner awakening, one that began another exploration. The awakening, of course, was the incarnating of the Truth of One, the knowing that you and all beings and in fact all of creation itself was all part of the whole; yet not only part of the whole, but that everything constituted the whole.

“You further began to reside in nature and discovered there the frequencies of regeneration and that the more that you set aside your believed reason for exploring nature, the more that you merged with it and found there, once again, the Truth of One; yet there was more. The Truth of Regeneration enticed you. Of course it did, my dears! The Truth of Regeneration is the vibrational frequency of Creation itself.

“Now why am I speaking of all of this with you? The reason is this. I so very much would like you to not only remember these explorations, discoveries, and integrating of Truth incarnate; but I would also like to invite you to once again go forth in a like manner.

“It really doesn’t take much to reside with any creature and discover that you are one in the same. It really doesn’t take much to reside in nature and, as you did long ago, set aside your priorities and purposes for residing there, so that you can truly experience the frequencies of regeneration. They aren’t a mystery, after all, those frequencies are of you. Remember? All is One. Then you are not trying to experience something outside of yourself. More so, you are residing in nature so that you can remember, so that your Spirit can experience regeneration, your incarnating made new.

“You see, there is a belief that you are your body-physical. There is a belief that you are the human within which you reside. There is a belief that you are actually the persona of that human being! But you are so very much more. It is your presence that calls forth the creation of your vessels. And it is that presence that yearns for the nourishment of which I have been speaking, the nourishment of residing with creatures, within nature, with the waters, with the peace that lives within the Totality of One.

“The Spirit of that which you are is the saving grace for all of creation itself, for humanity as a whole, for the earth, for all of its treasures.

“The Spirit of that which you are automatically replenishes itself; yet for the human nature — your vessel in this journey — to feel and more so, to deeply experience that replenishment, there is required an action, your action to go forth in the ways that I have been describing.

“Why? What is this required? You might think the answer is complicated and deep, but truly the answer is simply because you are incarnate.

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“The New Realm is one of relief from efforting. Now the thinking mind may have entered into the realization that this is possible, yet even the thinking mind doesn’t know how to move from one realm to another. And that is why I have created this course. It is an avenue to move from the realm that no longer suits those ones who are not magnetized to physicality’s play, the play that says more is better and being better is more. I have created that avenue so that the journey is easy and the letting go is automatic.

“When a child is holding on to something that he or she likes, when the real thing is placed before them, their hands automatically let go of that something and they reach out to the real. That is what this course is all about. It is very real. The frequencies and invitation are real and will assist those who choose to participate to enter into the New Realm. The New Realm is comfort, home and more…much more.”


“Some of you are most adept at experiencing the non-physical, yet the truth remains that you are incarnate. The journey is here and the reasons that you are here are unending; yet for you personally, the reason is simply that you are here to anchor Truth and to go forth within it, to explore and delight in your journey, to discover what true fulfillment is, and then to allow that fulfillment to expand from the very depth of your being, to expand outward and to encompass all of creation itself. Why? Because you are the totality and it is you. And of course, your thinking mind might have a time trying to wrap itself around all of that little statement, yet it does remain true.

“You are here to love, you are here to dance, you are here to explore, you are here to be at peace, you are here to dare to set aside all that invites you to become separate- from simply because that which resides seems to be unholy.

“Perhaps the external cause and effect is representing the dark ages? Perhaps you are here to restore truth within physicality? Or, perhaps you are here to laugh and play and love and embrace; all of which does the very same thing? Restores truth within physicality.

“You see, my dears, what you do here upon earth is so very important to you, to your Spirit, and yes to the totality. Yet do keep this in mind: this is not the first time that you have resided incarnate and here you are again and again to do exactly what you set forth to do the first time. Yes, the stumbling blocks in physicality seem to be perhaps larger than life itself, yet they are not. Your Spirit is larger than life itself. Who you really are is larger than physicality. Who you really are is who I am speaking with right in this moment, this moment called eternity.

“What does all of this mean? Perhaps nothing or perhaps everything. You won’t know if what I’ve been proposing is true until you go forth… as I have described. Why not give it a try? The only thing that you have to lose is your sorrow, your depression, your sadness, your anger, your desire to be separate from the hatred, your need to speak your opinions, your efforting over and over again to find fulfillment when it truly resides within you. I say, give all that up and go forth as you have always meant to go forth. It’s never too late for that, surely.

“I am Teacher and I am most fond of you, my dears. Most fond. So be it.

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