January 2020 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Jan 2020

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!
“This is the next phase in awakening, my dears, and you are residing right in it, right in this moment. Isn’t that just wondrous?”


“Greetings, my beloved beings, greetings! Here we are to begin a new year on your calendar, two thousand and twenty! Yet I wish to speak with you about something that is beyond time and keeping track of days. It is this.

“Even though we speak of lifetimes and of the past and the future, the truth remains that all is one. Now I know you’ve heard those words before and are probably rolling your eyes, but don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater!

“You see, when you consider that everything is all one and everything is occurring in this moment, then you have something to reflect upon. It might be this. How can something that occurred twenty years ago remain with you as an unhappy or unfulfilling event? Yes, it is true that memories have a way of pulling us seemingly back in time; yet even within the memory you are in the present. What does this mean? This.

“As long as you are attached to anything — whether it is a happening, a love, a distaste, anything — then you are holding on to something, an energy or frequency. Now what if that frequency is distortion? What if that frequency is created by misunderstandings or further, what if the frequency is created by willful harm to you or to others? When you attach your memory to those times, you are not actually reaching into the past; more so, you are continuing to create the same in the present. Do you see? Now this is an exciting piece of information, isn’t it? Why.

“The reason we are speaking of this topic is to find a way to defeat that process, is to find a way to let to of creating the very same thing over and over, a process that begins to defeat the entire health of your being.

“While it is true that patterns tend to repeat themselves, there is also another truth that lays itself before you and that is exactly what I have been speaking about. In order to reside in the present moment, that moment of pure creation, of pure fulfillment of being, of pure inner knowing, there is required one ingredient. It’s this, my dears, it’s this.

“Bring yourself to this present moment and reside here with me. In this moment, we are simply breathing, we are simply connecting with each other in a deep way. And we are simply determining that there is an answer to all of this re-creating even as the seeming past tends to draw our attention to something long long ago that embedded itself in our emotional body. We are choosing, together, to reside right here and right now.

“Next, I wish you to imagine that you can actually let go of all of those past occurrences, even those ones that you have been deliberately holding on to because you want to remain angry about what occurred. You see, as you are well aware, anger is just the other side of fear.

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“So then let’s agree that what is an attachment is something that you no longer want to replicate, no longer want to continue to create. Do you see? Let’s talk about this a bit more so that you can really understand what has been occurring.

“When something occurs, it presents to you an invitation to participate. Sometimes the manner of participation is one of joy and delight, one of loving and kindness, both giving and receiving. Sometimes, too, the invitation is to experience hurt, sadness, fear, disappointment and an inner shrinking away from the present moment. Why is that shrinking away occurring? So that you won’t experience that same frequency or happening again! Yet. When you attach your anger and fear to that happening, you are then determining that you will continue to place our own life force frequencies in that manner of being, in that creating.

“Now this isn’t blameful simply because this happens all of the time. Where does it happen all of the time? In survival. It is all part of survival’s fodder. But the good news is that once you awaken to this pattern within your own being, you can change. You can choose to release your attachment to survival and bring yourself into the present moment.

“Now you might be saying that there was something that occurred in what you are calling the past and it was detrimental to your being. Ok. That is difficult to let go of, unless you really want to be free of it. You see, everything is a choice. That experience that was injurious to your being is over. And while it is true that if you think of it, you might be able to bring those emotional responses to the surface of your being once again. And I ask you, truly, why would you want to do that? Because you are stuck there in that hiding away. There is a part of you that has hidden itself away and it is calling to you. What is calling? That part of you that was injured wants to be freed of those frequencies. Now this is where survival misinterprets everything.

“You are no longer a victim; perhaps you never were a victim but more so, involved in making a wrong choice. Not a crime to you. Just a regret, perhaps. And maybe the regret grew and grew until you just didn’t know what to do with it. Then what happened? You placed the regret, along with the frequencies of the occurrence, hidden away inside your being. That’s a pattern of survival, a way of dealing with something quite difficult. Now there is no blame for any of this; survival works until there is a need to emerge into something different, something freeing, something that calls to you: freedom from survival’s grasp.

“So then, when you find yourself revisiting those old frequencies, you are actually responding to your entire being, you are responding to that frequency of yourself that is wanting to be merged into the present moment. Now here is where we get a bit tricky in understanding.

“Those frequencies of your very own being that have been hidden away are now because you are an awakened being — wanting to be part of the wholeness of being. Now let’s not get confused here: everything is of the whole, yet in your consciousness, those frequencies have been being recreated over and over again and then, once they have activated the emotional body again to present that similar anger or fear, are tucked away into the old hidden pocket of pain. It’s all of the totality of you, yet just as spring waits its turn, so these frequencies continue to remain in waiting, waiting for you to gather the essence of your being and free it from that hiding, from being tucked away as a prisoner of what you are calling past pain and fear, yet is very much of the present.

“Now how can you bring that frequency of your very own self to the present moment, to this moment right here where we are together? This is another good news. It’s easy.

“What we are doing together is exploring the futility of reliving — or recreating, as I have been teaching — difficult times. We believe that they own us, those old memories; yet we own them. We hold on to them. We hide them from the moment, yet continue to created them again and again… until being a victim is not longer fun. That’s now, right now.

“So then, here is the easy part, unless you meant to continue to hold on to the seeming past and continue to recreated it in this moment.

“Remember the occurrence.

“Say to yourself in the memory, “Come home now. You don’t have to be here any longer. I am the Spirit of this beingness and you are now called into the whole.”

“Next, wait a few minutes. Why? Well, that part of your being, the one what has been hidden away, might want to be sure that this is real, that it is safe, that it is a loving calling forth. To assure that it is, simply breathe your breath of love into that memory, to releasing the horrors, to release the hurt and pain and fear for that of you. You don’t need it today. You don’t need it in this moment. In truth, you don’t need it any longer. Do you see? You don’t need to recreate this occurrence ever again.

“Just call forth your essence of being and embrace it to your wholeness. And love that injured one until he or she is wholly integrated into your consciousness. Remember, you have always been whole; you are simply becoming more conscious, creating consciously. That’s what this journey is all about, you see. Creating consciously.

“Next, after you have paused a bit, then breathe your breath of forgiveness into that memory. Now breathing forgiveness doesn’t mean that anything that happened was right, that it was okay. More so, it simply means that you are letting go of recreating by forgiving.

“After you have done that, then breathe a breath to those who participate in that memory with you or against you and whisper the words: I release you to your journey of awakening. So be it.

“Now you are no longer holding on to a portion of that being’s frequencies. You are letting go of the ingredients necessary for recreating. And that is most powerful, my dears. Most powerful.

“Now. What’s next? Oh you are going to love this. Breathe deeply and speak these words to yourself, perhaps whispering them aloud:

  I am a whole being.
I am one with everything.
I have released all need to recreate the past and choose to reside in this moment, this one breath, called eternity.
I am Spirit of One.
I am the All That Is taking form.
I am an awakened frequency residing incarnate in the vessel of a human being and body-physical.
I am Love.
I am Peace.
I am Truth.
I am the awakening itself.
So be it.

“Next, my dear ones, remember this. Always are you creating. You are the breath of creation itself incarnate. When you reside in peace, you are allowing truth to be made manifest. Peace allows your human nature to feel joy and delight, unhampered by the creations of the past. Do you see?

“This is the next phase in awakening, my dears and you are residing right in it, right in this moment. Isn’t that just wondrous?

“You see, I am most fond of you and I wish to see you dancing in delight, dancing because your journey is beyond what you could have created from the past into the present. Dancing because you are truly free to reside in this one moment. Never underestimate the majesty of your own creation, your own beingness, your own taking form, your own fulfillment of purpose, our own breath, your own love, your own daring to let go and be.

“This is your moment. It resides in this called new year. Yet it is always your moment. Right here and right now.

“Then, my dears, until we speak again, I am Teacher and I am most pleased to come forth to speak with you in this manner. So be it.”

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