February 2020 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Feb 2020

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!
“Now I’m going to talk with you about something that you dance around, but in the end find it difficult, perhaps very difficult to reside within and become. All right now, don’t groan about that. I believe you’ll find this all quite liberating!”


“Greetings, my dear ones, greetings to you! Here we are together for another wonderful chat! Now I’m going to talk with you about something that you dance around, but in the end find it difficult, perhaps very difficult to reside within and become. All right now, don’t groan about that. I believe you’ll find this all quite liberating! Here we go!

“You are all aware of the truth that says we are All One, that all beings are one being, that we breathe the same breath, reside in Truth, and more so, are comprised by the All That Is taking form as the many. Now that’s a lot of words, truth be it so, but yet a lot of words. What does it mean? What do all these words mean with regard to our daily living? This.

“As we reside in our spiritual journey which unfolds before us, inviting us to become more conscious of who we really are, there comes that moment when we step out of that purpose. Why? Why do we separate ourselves from the whole? The answer is simple, my dears. This is earth, this is physicality, and this is a most chaotic time. Issues are flying around like mosquitoes in the summer evenings in New Hampshire, governments are becoming more dictatoring, people are sick and the masses are fearful of more sickness, the right are really right and those who appose the right believe they are really right too. Now there’s nothing wrong with any of this, except that folks are suffering and the sleep state seems to have a strong hold on the majority of those who reside incarnate. Yet that is not quite true.

“You see, you are here, and those of you who read these words are here… you want to love, you want to have compassion, you want to do what is right for you and for your spiritual unfoldment. Of course you do. So then, what happens? It’s this.

“When we listen to the news, when we find that what has been bothering us all along still bothers us, when we try to remove ourselves from what bothers us, we also then do remove ourselves from the beings who seem to be promoting what is bothering us. Now that’s pretty natural…except. What do I mean by except?

“Let’s get down to it, shall we. It is difficult to love someone who is causing havoc, causing suffering, or is hurting our heart by saying hateful things. There are those beings around us, in the public eye and perhaps right next door or in the next town. Now, you might not want to hear this. The truth is, they are on their own path. You might find it easy to see what is wrong with their path; yet there is one factor that doesn’t quite fit with that easy looking. It’s this, my dears, it’s this.

“All beings are one being. Now just pause for a moment and let those words be true. They are true. All beings are one being. Now, what you are having a hard time with is the fact that each being resides within a human vessel and that human vessel has a persona. And, in truth, some human personas are not that loveable. Yet, this has been true ever since… well, it is part of the history of humans residing incarnate. And perhaps there are those who aren’t too happy with your persona. Yet. Yes, the yet exists.

“The yet says that regardless of the human persona, both — the human and its persona — are vessels of the divine incarnating, the life force, the divine flowing of the All That Is that resides incarnate within all beings, within everything. What does this mean for our spiritual path? It means that we are being asked to allow each being his or her own journey, while we recognize that within that being is a life force, is the All that Is, the very same All That Is that resides within you and within all beings and in fact, within and as everything.

“So then, how can we go about this knowing and still allow those ones to be as awful as they can be? How can we be compassionate? How can we stop ourselves from abhorring those ones? This is one way. The Divine Mother has said that all beings are her children. How does that feel to you? Can you imagine looking at a playground and knowing that all the children there are your children? That you love them all? Even those ones who are what you call in your vocabulary “picking a fight”? In truth, maybe you love that one even more because he seems to be lost, trying to find something that must be hidden inside his little being.

“You see, it’s that way upon earth. Yes, this is a chaotic time, a difficult time, one that invites us to celebrate the untruth, the untruth that says that we are separate from each other and that it is okay to hate and to point our fingers at what we find abhorrent. Even that’s not a crime, my dear ones. What is it? It is your human nature trying to be divine. What do I mean by that.

“You see, your human nature is here for one thing, at least in the beginning. Your human nature is your vessel, as we have said. You human nature is holding you within it so that you can be incarnate. You, the beautiful divine flowing of creativity itself. And what is the first job of the human? To survive. The human nature, your human nature has journeyed through the cause and effect, perhaps through some difficult times, and it has survived. It learned those survival techniques and practiced them well. Until.

“Until, one day something magical happened. Something inside stirred. Something inside began to feel wonderful and it wasn’t initiated by anything that the human did externally. The human began to feel an inner joy, an inner calling and what happened then? Oh my dears, that human nature of yours wanted more, wanted more of the true nature of that which was its inner beingness: you.

“That began a different journey, the journey toward awakening. And little by little and sometimes in one gigantic leap the human nature began to surrender its survival techniques because that-something-magical was growing and a spiritual journey was unfolding. Events became synchronistic, meetings with others became filled with caring and love, and the human nature dared to allow himself or herself to be loved. And in that daring something else wonderful happened. The human, your human, dared to love others.

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“Now this might seem to be natural, but you must remember that your human nature has evolved, has emerged from survival’s grasp. There might still be some residue from that journey, yet for the most part, if you are receiving these words, then you know the difference between survival and awakening, between loving and fear, between peace and chaos, between pointing your finger and embracing totality. And that is the journey that your lovely, strong, dedicated human nature has been traversing… while you resided incarnate.

“Then something else occurred. You, the truth of who you really are, began to reside more and more incarnate and you began to dare. Yes, you began to dare to reside more fully in the cause and effect. You dared to carry your beautiful peaceful nature, your beautiful loving nature, your beautiful compassionate nature into the world. And the world celebrated your presence. Yes it did and does.

“So then, now here we are, talking about our tendency to separate ourselves from those we have been described as “different” in the very least and at the most “hateful”; we have decided to separate ourselves from those ones. Now who has done this? Oh you are going to love this! Your human nature has decided to do this. Why? Because your human nature has within its foundation survival, its protection of itself. Why? It is protecting itself so that it can continue to be your vessel, to fulfill its purpose, to allow you to be incarnate so that you can fulfill your purpose: holding peace, anchoring truth… consciously…while incarnate.

“Ah! You see? Now you can begin to understand those feelings of separation, of judgment, even though you want to love all. And there is a wonderful answer to all of this and that is why I am having this little chat with you. Now it’s your turn to take care of that human nature, the one who is dipping into survival once more so that he or she can protect its inhabitant, its divine essence, you.

“And how you can take care of that human nature is to take some quiet time for yourself, reside in nature, and begin to speak to that human nature, tell him or her that you are there, that you are present and that there is no need to fear what is occurring in the external word of cause and effect. You can tell that human nature that this is an era wherein there are great changes occurring, great upheavals. Yet you are here to hold peace and truth and love and when you do that, your human nature is filled with the same. And that this is a gift to your vessel, that wonderful human nature. The more that you love, the more that you can remember that all beings are One Being, the more that your journey will continue as it did long ago, synchronistic, magical, filled with joy and delight, and a knowing that you are doing just what you came here to do.

“The battles aren’t yours to fight. You are not the warriors. You are the lovers of humanity. Just as the Divine Mother loves all of her children, so do you have the opportunity to embrace the truth that you are all One Being. Yes, there will be those personas that just seem to drive you to make the growling sound inside; yet even in that moment, you know that you are simply reacting to survival’s tooting its own horn. Yet survival is based on the untruth. Survival is based on the untruth that there is such a thing as separation from the whole. And that, of course, is an impossibility. There is no separation from the whole. We are all one.

“Yes, my dears, you know all of this. Yet I, Teacher, thought you’d like a little what is called “pull up” to remind you that you are lovely lovely beings, that you are fulfilling your purpose even as you receive these words, and that nothing…nothing at all can separate you from totality, from that called the spark of creation, from that which seems to be illusive yet is the very breath of your own being. No efforting can make you who you already are, my dears. And that is simply wonderful, isn’t it?

“All right now, know that I am with you and celebrate who you are and are becoming. Know that your human nature’s actions, thoughts, and fears are all part of a journey and even if you reside within the dip into survival, that dip into sleep, you are still loved beyond the word love. There is nothing that you can do to cause you to be residing in anything other than love. It is the fabric of your being, the fabric of your incarnating, the fabric of Totality.

“Ah! So then, until we speak again, I am Teacher, one who is most thrilled at this opportunity to speak with you once gain. And until we speak again I would say the words so be it.

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