March 2020 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Mar 2020

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I come forth to give you an opportunity to place your consciousness in a way that will allow you an inner uplifting.”


“Greeting! I am Teacher and I come forth to speak with you, lovely beings, to assist you to have a good view of what is occurring upon earth and to also give you an opportunity to place your consciousness in a way that will allow you an inner uplifting. How about that? You see, once you have an uplifting, you can dare to go forth in a way that will magnetize to your journey those causes and effects that tend to optimize your fulfillment, both inner and outer. Then, let’s get started, shall we?

“Now we’ve stated before that there are many systems that are vying for your attention and once they have your full attention, then you have in that moment given to that cause and effect some of your own frequencies, some of your energy. Now this isn’t a crime; after all this is earth and especially in this electronic age, so to speak, the happenings are reported nearly before they happen. That, of course, was a small attempt at humor, which is not my best speaking.

“Yet, there does come that moment when you might feel as thought nearly everything that you do has a right or wrong to it, that if you do not take certain actions you will be a failure in this grand plan. And I am here to say that just isn’t true, my dears. All this guilt-producing information is nothing more than the patterns of survival rearing their ugly head.

“You see survival has a bit of a tricky way about it. Once you awaken to truth and are continuing on your journey, allowing your consciousness to expand and to recognize the truth of who you are more and more, then survival tends to present itself with little hints and nudges that tell you that you are not enough, that you do not do enough, and that you are neglectful in one way or another. This all tends to have your thinking mind running in circles, trying to take care of everything.

“If you are feeling overwhelmed, then you have been reacting or even responding to survival’s grasp. So then, why not think about it in this moment. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel as though you do not have enough time to do what is on your very long list of things to do? Have you crossed off your list something called play simply because there just isn’t enough time? Are you feeling physically not up to par and just don’t have the focus to take better care of yourself?

“Yes, it is true that I could go on and on about all of these what I call symptoms of survival’s grasp. I’ll add just one more. It’s this. While it is true that we all need to pay attention to how we treat the earth, there is something else that is quite true. Mother earth is not angry with humans. The statement that says that the earth is angry at humans is simply taking a human emotion and pattern and tossing it upon the earth, the great earth, and actually believing that the earth is capable of reflecting back those same emotions and judgments. In truth, the earth cannot be angry with humans.

“Why? The earth maintains the integrity of her being, resides as she was created long ago and greets the footsteps of all humans; she resides in the frequency of love and truth, just as you are here to reside in love and truth. You might think in horror about much of what is happening on the earth. That’s all right. It is your right to feel or think one way or another about what has been happening on earth. Yet. Your feelings and judgments are not earth’s. One might ask the question, does the Divine Mother get angry at her children for making mistakes, for taking wrong actions? No. The Divine Mother loves… all. All right now, having said all of that about the symptoms of survival’s grasp, we want to be sure that we understand something.

“You are a Divine Being and you are incarnate, residing in those vessels. What are they? You are incarnate going forth in this journey in that body-physical, which tends to be human; so that means that your vessels are not only the physical body, but also human nature. And the human nature has a vessel for its journey and that vessel is the persona. So you see, you, the Divine are journeying along within a vessel that cannot be perfect but is doing its best to be the best vessel it can be. And if you are struggling, then it is a symptom that you have believed the cause and effect of separation from the whole and your poor human nature is going along without its divine consciousness you — guiding him or her through the journey.

“Then how can you guide your human nature, your vessel, through this journey so that the burdens of the journey are lessened? The answer is not that easy, but it is freeing. The answer is to cease totally and completely from judging others, from deciding what others do is either right or wrong. Now your human’s mind is going to be filled with a lot of what you call “yes, buts” and that’s all right because I am speaking with you, the divine consciousness that resides within that human nature.

“You see, the mind of the human being wants to establish its right to be right, wants to continue to believe tat its thinking is the boss, wants to continue to believe that conclusions made with the thinking mind are the law of the land, or at least the law of the journey. But you are awakened beings. You know that there is something else going on. It’s that inner knowing that continues to nudge its way forward to the surface of your experience. And that inner knowing is your divine expression flowing forth within its incarnate state.

(continued below)

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“Now the inner knowing cannot be translated within the thinking mind without tending to be a little distorted, or a lot distorted. Why? Well, my dears, the thinking mind receives whatever expanded truth flows forth to it and then what happens?The thinking mind begins to fit that truth into its own known parameters, into its own conclusions and experiences. But you see, what comes forth from the known of your inner divine beingness has no parameters created within physcilaity. It is beyond those parameters and that’s why you, as awakened beings have learned how to follow that inner knowing, even when your thinking mind wants you to make a decision based on survival’s call.

“So then, here we are now ready to discuss what’s going on and what you can do about your own journey so that you can be free of that grasp and can journey forth following that inner knowing. Id like to issue you a challenge. I’d like you to go for a week without listening to or reading or watching the news. Now don’t panic, the world won’t end during that week. In truth, what will or might occur is that you will be able to have your own journey back. If someone begins to tell you of the news, just say that you are not listening to the news at all. Don’t receive any news. Just be with yourself and your journey.

“Now I know that some of you go forth into an employment. That’s all right. Yet, don’t allow yourself to be pulled into any debates about what is occurring upon the earth. Just walk away and do your very best to remain free of it all. Do your very best to recognize what is peace within your being and reside therein..

“Now this might take some practice, my dears, but you can do it. Now why am I asking you to dare to give this a try? Here’s the answer. So that you can have relief from survival’s grasp. So that you can begin to focus upon your own beingness. So that you can walk in nature and allow your own replenishment of being. So that you can experience freedom at a deep and personal level. And so that you can begin to let go of the ammunition of survival: trying to make you feel guilty about something, trying to illicit fear about the future, trying to cause you to react so that those who control the survival frequencies can harvest your energies. You would be, then, saying to the entire trap: not me, I’m free and I’m going to remain free. You cannot have a piece of me.

“Now, if anything that I’ve said causes a reaction in your being, that’ s of course your thinking mind. That’s all right. Just set aside that reaction and take a deep breath and bring yourself right into this moment, right here and right now.

“Let’s get practical. You know that you are here to anchor truth and light. You do that simply by continuing to remain awake, by continuing to remember that there is no such thing as separation from the whole, and by remembering that all beings are One Being. Now that ain’t just whistling Dixie, as one of the phrases goes. Yet when you are caring for yourself, when you hold love and compassion in your heart for the journey of all beings, then you are holding your human vessel in a way that will allow truth to flow forth. You are allowing the inner knowing to flow forth to hold you within it.

“Now the chief word here is allowing. You see, you can effort all you want to become holy, to become more spiritual, to take the perfect action; but I say to you. You are already that which you are trying to make yourself be. Your human nature will always be human. And the inner spirit, that which you truly are, will always be divine. Now your human nature will fall down every once in a while, will stub his or her toe; that’s expected, you see. This is earth and we are talking about the illusion, the illusion that says you are all separate beings.

“The illusion that says that the earth is mad at you. The illusion that says that you must do something in order to receive that divine love that seems to be just out of your grasp. The illusion says that others know so very much more about your own spiritual journey and you just might be able to know more if you do what they do, if you make your journey a carbon copy of theirs. Ah! Now I have your attention. Good.

“You see, my dears, you are beloved beings. And yes, this is a time upon earth that causes great upheavals, changes in what beings all security, and a time when there are those who take the moment to tell you how you should be. Now all of that isn’t a crime, it’s just physicality. But you are more, so very much more. You are the breath of the divine, taking form for the sole purpose of anchoring truth incarnate consciously. Now consciously is the real word here.

“The more that you let go of reacting to survivals call, the more that you are able to get to know that truth of who you really are. And as I’ve been saying, this might take some practice. Many if not all of you have been on the awakening path for quite some time. Perhaps for such a long time that your thinking mind has had a chance to develop some pretty strong beliefs. And, my dears, now is the time to question those beliefs if even one part of them causes you to feel separate form all the rest, from all the other humans who are walking upon the earth.

“You see, inside of every being is that divine breath, that divine essence, that divine holiness of being; you know, the holiness that doesn’t need to try to get to be holy. It just is the divine, the creative force, the spark of life… in every being. That’s the wholeness of being. And yes, some of the human vessels leave a bit to be desired, but that’s all part of this journey. You have heard the words that in the past, you have in other lifetimes done and said and been everything, even that which you today might abhor. All one journey. From the sleep to the awake. From the illusion and distortion to truth. Divine Beingness awakening to its own Self. That’s you.

“Now you can continue to walk upon the earth oblivious to the truth that you are divinity incarnate trying to remember who you really are, or you can in this moment take a look at what has called you to be judgmental. Now remember, I’ve said that being judgmental isn’t a crime. It’s just a way of survival trying to keep you separate from the whole. But of course you know that you can’t be separate from the whole simply because you are it.

“Then, as you go along in this glorious journey, remember to love who you are and more so, begin to be gentle to your own vessel, that human nature and its persona. Sit quietly and allow the truth of who you are to flow forth and to fill that human, to fill that thinking mind so that it just doesn’t know what to do with all that wonderment but to laugh and give up trying to control the journey.

“Dare. Dare my dears to continue to discover who you really are. Dare to let go of the belief that you are the persona, the avenue through which your human nature journeys. Dare to recognize with love that your human nature is doing his or her best and will be relieved when you, the Breath of Creation Itself, fills that human with love and warm embracing — regardless of how imperfect that human seems to be.

“When you continue in your journey in this manner, then guess what happens? Oh you are going to love this. It seems as though the cause and effect upon earth changes a bit, changes in a way that opens certain portals for you, opens certain opportunities for you. When you reside consciously in the truth of who you are, then survival just doesn’t have a chance. Now that’s something to celebrate, isn’t it.

“But you aren’t going forth for that purpose, my dears. You are simply going forth fulfilling your wonderful purpose: incarnating truth consciously, incarnating the truth of who you really are: One Being incarnate, daring to dance and play and laugh and love, even when survival tries to trick you into giving up that truth and believing that you are defective. Ha! As you have the phase: fat chance.

“Everything that you do or say or think or be, my dear lovelies, is a gift to this earth, is a gift to the totality as it incarnates, is a gift to creation’s breath. You are the essence, the life force taking form. You are the journey. You are the fulfillment. You are the love itself. You are perfection. You are that which you have been trying to be for a very long time, perhaps for lifetimes. And now, here you are! Awake! You are conscious. Isn’t that just amazing? It is! Why? Why is it amazing? My dears, this is the distortion, the illusion, and you are residing right in that soup and you have shaken it off of your being and emerged as light itself. Oh how lovely you are! Yes!

“I am Teacher, my dears, and it is always a pleasure to be speaking with you in this manner.

“Oh, and here’s another attempt at humor: you might be the reason that sun glasses were invented. Ha! I do like that! You just are so very bright, if you could only see yourself in that manner. Shake it off, my dears, shake that illusion off and shine your brightest!

“So be it.

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