December 2020 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Dec 2020

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“The most important cycle right now is the cycle that is ending within your being and within your journey within continued awakening.”


“Greetings! I am Teacher and I come forth to speak with you for the love of who you are and so that you can better understand what is occurring in this transformative and cycle-ending and -beginning phase upon earth. For, there have been many cycles upon earth, some of which are most evident and others a quite subtle. Yet I say that the most important cycle right now that you would focus upon is the cycle that is ending within your being and within your journey within continued awakening.

“For, many will write or speak about the ending cycles of the earth’s residing, about governments, and perhaps about the current pandemic upon the earth. You have perhaps read and read and read all about that. Yet again I say to you, it is your personal cycle that is ending and beginning. What do I mean by that? This.

“Long ago you began a journey. It was a journey into a certain way of being. Perhaps it was an entry into understanding the non-physical world; that is, the world of frequencies. You began to study or read and then perhaps understand that there is much more to this journey than what physicality presents to you. You also began to recognize that you are a spirit-being that resides within that body-physical. This was a major awakening within our consciousness. Why? Well, my dears, it was the beginning of awakening to the truth of who you are… and are not.

“The next part of your journey held within it certain challenges to your beliefs, to perhaps the beliefs that were given to you as a child. And these challenges seemed to be difficult simply because that foundation given as a child was something that you had rested your journey upon. Yet the change in your journey, simply because you were residing within a more expanded frequency, began to shake up your manner of understanding your own cause and effect. You were eventually given the concept that you had a certain part in what appeared before you in your journey. That is, you learned that the more that you resided in peace, the more that you resided in love, and the more that you gave gratitude for your lifely journey and all that resided within it; then the more that your external world began to shift and change in order to deliver to you that wonderful new phase, the phase of living in harmony with earth itself.

“During this change, you found yourself meeting others who were going through the same changes and some of those ones spoke of different concepts, yet those concepts felt to be filled with truth and the frequencies expanded within your being again and again, the more that you opened yourself to new concepts, truths and manners of perceiving your own journey. And it was then that you were asked, through this new phase of your journey, to consider your own personality and if it was real, if it fit with your new manners of being. You began to ask yourself who you really were and who you were not.

(continued below)

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“This, my dears, began your current phase. And you have been discarding that which you are not to your own self, and discovering more and more of who you are to your own self. Sometimes this resulted in changes of relationships, in changes of geographical locations, changes in careers and changes in spiritual beliefs. You were emerging and nothing was going to stop that emerging, even when you were hesitant to believe what your innermost beingness whispered to your consciousness. Still you changed. And the good news is that you are continuing to change, to expand the frequencies that hold you within them as you continue this amazing journey.

“So then, now what? Yes, exactly a good question. Now what? You are truly entering into a new phase or a new cycle within your journey. You have been discouraged, perhaps by the cause and effect outside of your inner knowing, that cause and effect of the world and the unfolding of the releasing of the previous cycle or era. Yet more so, when you had enough of reacting to the external world, you began to focus more and more on your own spiritual development. Development. Yes, you are still and will continue to develop ways to relate to not only who you are but also to what are your abilities to go forth within your new journey.

“The new journey, my dears, is the one that you have been waiting for, perhaps without consciously knowing that you have been waiting for a way of ease of living, of joy and delight, and of deep inner fulfillment. And of course the current external world might lead you to believe that such a manner of being, of living, of celebrating the journey could not possibly be able to make itself apparent, to become incarnate of itself.

“Yet that is exactly what is birthing within your own consciousness and externally. The chaos that is residing upon the earth now will complete itself, my dears. Sometimes it will complete itself with difficulties and sometimes it will complete itself with a sigh of relief. Yet do not be fooled by the manners of completion. The old ways, the old cycle or era is completing itself. And while it is competing itself, the new manner of being is birthing itself. Yes it is.

“Then how can you best go forth? Ah! This is the easy answer though perhaps you will question the simplicity of that which I give to you. The manner in which you go forth during these times, during the emergence of who you really are, during the emergence of the new age or era, is to find a way to reside in joy. Even if it is to view something in nature that is most beautiful, even if it is to read a few words in a meditation book, or even if it is to remember that you hold within your being the original innocence within which you birthed, before life’s journey took you toward a different way of being.

“Find peace within your journey. Each and every day, even if it is for a few moments, breathe deeply and bring yourself to peace and allow that peace to fill you and overflow to surround you.

“Find a moment in our day to actually appreciate who you are, to actually love yourself and to express to yourself that you love your journey, that you are a divine being placing your steppings upon the earth and with each stepping the earth loves your presence so very much that she lifts herself up to receive your steppings.

“Take the moment in your day to remember who you really are and to remember that you are not alone, that in truth you cannot be alone. That there are many other beings who are awakening, who are celebrating joy and delight, who are daring to let go of the old ways of expecting the worse to happen, and are embracing and daring to embrace the truth that this journey is given, given to you for your own delight, for your own fulfillment.

“You and those ones are here to experience a deep fulfillment within your being, a fulfillment that tells you beyond a doubt that you are an amazing being, that you have certain abilities within your spiritual awakenings, and that you are most capable of taking the next step in your journey; that your inner knowing will flow forth and whisper to you what the next step is and you will delight in the peace, in the ease, and in the wonderment of how you will proceed, how you will dare to be who you really are and more so, how you will dare to breathe forth truth and assist those ones who are reaching outward, reaching for an understanding, just as you did long long ago. And you will smile and give them a helping hand, perhaps simply by loving the knowing that there are many now who will be and are reaching forth for a better understanding of truth, as this new manner of being births itself upon earth and within the hearts and minds of humanity.

“You are and have always been the forerunners, the adventurers. And now your adventure takes you, leads you into this phase wherein you are deeply, inwardly fulfilled, whilst your inner fulfillment flows forth to meet those who are not believing that it is possible. You are the answer. You are the hope and the hope-fulfilled. This is who you really are. A most amazing being joining with others to be one being, whole, residing in truth, in love, and in peace; residing in the essence flowing forth from creation itself. You are so much more than you currently recognize, yet the more that you reside in your joyful discoveries, the more that you know this truth that we have been speaking of, the truth of who you really are.

“I am most pleased to be speaking with you, my dear ones. You are the shining light upon the earth.

“So be it.”

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