November 2020 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Nov 2020

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!
“Often there is the temptation to project a way of being and then to step into it, believing that the projection and the stepping into the projection to be real. And that is what I would like to speak with you about.”

—The Divine Mother

“Greetings! I am your Divine Mother and I come forth to speak with you, my lovely beloved children, so that you can reside in peace and joy, so that you can take a deep breath from the cause and effect and give to yourself the gift of the present moment, the moment wherein you can celebrate the truth of who you are. For, often there is the temptation to project a way of being and then to step into it, believing that the projection and the stepping into the projection to be real. And that is what I would like to speak with you about.

“For, over the ages here have been those invitations to become what has been given as a benefit to your spirit. What do I mean by those words? This.

“As the journey within awakening continued, there were those ones who experienced their own perhaps powerful awakening and within that awakening there came a desire to share the path of that awakening. There was then created a manner of being, a stated avenue toward awakening. Now there is nothing wrong with such creations. Yet I wish to say to you, each and every being has a journey and within that journey there are occurrences that call for choices and within those choices there flows forth an uplifting of the spirit.

“And you might be saying, “What if the choices is a wrong one? What if the being chooses something that is untruthful, incorrect?” And I say, my dear ones, that all beings reside upon this journey. There is only one journey and it is of the awakening to the truth of who you really are. Then within that journey, all choices bring the frequencies of your being toward that awakening. When choices are made against the truth of who you really are, then there is a continued residing in the sleep state, or that which is called survival’s grasp. Yet even that residing becomes so very difficult that the being must release the efforting to be something that he or she is not. You see? All choices lead to awakening and truth, even when they do not appear to be leading in that manner.

“Now what is the truth of who you are? What is begging to be discovered? It is this.

“Long ago you began a journey, your spirit began a journey within which you played with physicality’s forming and unforming. You delighted in residing incarnate and residing in a way that gave to you fulfillment, easily and completely. As physicality became more dense, there was a further enjoyment. It was to continue to create within physicality and to observe that which was created. Now there was nothing wrong with any of this. You were exploring your own adventure.

“When physicality developed its density to such a point, so to speak, that there became evident that there was a separation between beings, a separation between everything, there then began what has been called the sleep state, the illusion of separation from the whole. Yet as you continued to play, you had spurts of what is called awakening. You remembered. You remembered that all is one, that there is truly no separation from the whole. This pattern of entering into the density of physicality to play with creating—including creating your persona and who you experienced yourself to be—continued as did the spurt of remembering, which came to be called awakening.

“Now, what did occur during this journey? There was an enjoyment in developing your persona, your personality. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. Yet. The more that the pattern of developing your individuality became the journey, the less that you remembered who you really are. And who is that? What is that? Who are you, truly? Hear these words.

(continued below)

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“You flowed forth, the spirit of you flowed forth without personality, without an individual description of self. You were of the whole and the whole was breathing you forth. This breathing forth was and continues to be divine essence, divinity taking form, totality taking form within physicality. That is the real you.

“Now it isn’t wrong, of course, that you have a persona, a personality. Yet it is important to remember that you have vessels within which you reside in order to flow forth in your journey. What are your vessels? You are residing in a human body. That means that your body is one of your vessels. Because it is a human body, then you are also residing within human nature; your vessel is human. And further, the human has a vessel through which it experiences its journey. The persona or personality is how the human experiences its journey. Do you see? All of these ways, these vessels are your vessels, so that you can journey forth in physicality. Yet remember, my dear ones, your journey is one of remembering. It is now a journey of letting go of trying so very hard to become something or someone.

“Now it is not wrong to want to be successful, of course it isn’t wrong. It’s not wrong to want to experience physicality in the way that would seem to fulfill your desires, your wishes. Yet I say to you, when you try to make the external world within which you live mold itself to your desires, you have forgotten. You have forgotten that all fulfillment flows forth from within, from that which you truly are.

“Then what does this all mean? Perhaps it is a difficult concept, a difficult truth to allow to reside within your consciousness. It means this, my beloved ones. The real you, the divine essence taking form within all of those vessels, calls for your consciousness to not only remember this truth, but to bring yourself to peace so that you can experience more and more of that divinity that you are. What occurs when you do this?

“When you bring yourself to a peaceful manner of being when you set aside concerns for the external world, when you take a deep breath and allow yourself to set aside the lists of things to do, then you are able to begin to experience the truth of who you are. That peace, that truth that flows forth into your conscious knowing is who you are. And here is the great good news. When you reside in this manner, even if it is for a few minutes each day, then you are allowing the flowing forth of your fulfillment. Physicality will begin to arrange itself for you, for your joy, for your delight. Yes, it is a process simply because of the density of physicality, yet it will begin to form itself for your benefit.

Now your human nature or your personality will want to grasp on to that fulfillment as it appears to be forming, yet I say to you, wait. Wait and allow that flowing to complete itself, allow the unfulfillment to dissolve, allow the truth to be made manifest for you. Allowing is the key.

Does this mean that you stop from participating with your journey? Of course not. Yet, perhaps you will cease from trying so hard to become something or someone. Perhaps you will find, discover that the inner peace that you experience a few minutes each day is something that calls you to experience more and more. That is the real you expressing itself through the avenue of peace.

Now your thinking mind might try to figure out all of these words, try to find a meaning. Yet these words hold within them frequencies and those frequencies are from your Divine Mother, given to you for the benefit of your journey. For, my beloved ones, these are tumultuous times. Never before have you been called to hold peace within your being, to dedicate yourself to the journey of remembering who you really are, to letting of efforting to project who you think you should be. This one moment is the treasure, has always been the treasure. And within this one moment, are you truth incarnate, are you totality of being made manifest in the form, in the vessel of human nature.

In this one moment, if you would pause and breathe deeply and set aside even all of these words and bring yourself to peace, where there is no opinion, no cause and effect, no trying hard… just you residing in the arms of truth and peace, in the frequencies of truth and peace… then, oh then, my dear ones, are you truly celebrating the truth of who you are. This is your real journey, the journey you set forth for yourself, for this lifetime, for all lifetimes.

“Then until we speak again, I am your Divine Mother. I am with you always. I hold you in the heart of my being. You are most beauteous. So be it.”

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