February 2018 Daily Reflection with Expanded Consciousness

by Feb 2018

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“In this speaking, beloved one, we refer to giving up as a manner of surrendering your interpretation and attitudes about what is occurring in your life. We are referring to surrendering everything and giving up trying to make things happen. And you might be saying or thinking that if you don’t keep struggling, everything will fall apart. Yet we say to you, if you do not surrender to the Universe,  or to that which you call God/Goddess, it is you who will fall apart. And it is YOU whose journey this is.”

—Expanded Consciousness

“Each time that you feel overwhelmed or fearful of the future, celebrate! Of course, beloved one, you do not feel like celebrating; yet we say to you, during those times your entire manner of relating to your beauteous journey is restructuring itself. That is, your manner of perceiving the cause and effect, your manner of attracting fulfillment according to your thoughts and feelings, and your manner of expanding consciousness… all are realigning themselves… to your greatest benefit.

“Then you might be wondering, what do I do during times of confusion or fear? To which we would say the words with which you are perhaps most familiar. The words are “let go”. That is, allow the resettling and realigning to occur. When you let go, you are actually in that moment not placing your interpretation of “confusion” or “fear” upon the realignment of your systems. That means, beloved one, that they will align themselves according to your highest and most expanded manner of residing within physicality.

“Each time that you awaken and expand your consciousness, your entire system realigns itself. Why? To deliver to you those abilities and frequencies which assist you upon your grande journey to knowing the more of who you are. And it is only when you are focused on a destination and not within the journey that you interpret with frustration, confusion, or fear. Ah! Do you not find that most interesting?

“And it is your glorious journey that gifts you with fulfillment and your fulfillment and joy within it gifts humanity. We are humbled in the knowing of you…

“There resides one moment in every one of your days wherein you know beyond a doubt that you are more than the persona within which you are experiencing your journey. And it is within that moment that your consciousness expands and delivers to you Truth. And it is this Truth that activates the encodings that reside within the fabric of your being.

“Yet as you go along within your day, you only know that you had a moment wherein you knew…something grande. And there resides within your being the yearning to know more. Such yearning to know more is interpreted in many ways. One way can be found in your search for the secrets of ancient times; for the meanings of symbols and scripts that were once secreted away and are now being discovered, causing a reinterpretation of spiritual doctrine; and your yearning to know more can be found in your desire to travel out of your own body and beyond the physical.

“And we say to you, beloved beings, that all yearning to know more, all search for the secret meanings and powers, and all desires to travel beyond the physical…are, each and every one, an interpretation of your inner spirit’s spurring you on to discover more and more of your very own self. It is your continue experience of your own self within all of your yearnings and searchings and journeys that is the real answer.

“Always, beloved ones, is your discovery of your own self – beyond the personas of this lifetime – that nourishes your spirit, fulfills your purposes, and more so, gives great glorious celebration within the entire universe. Perhaps you will reflect upon these words?

“Beloved One, in each of the moments in each day, do we breathe a breath of love and truth about you that you might be bathed in that which you are…

“At times that which we find ourselves giving up, surrendering, or losing seems to be a defeat in our search to be secure in our world. Yet we say to you, security resides within your very own self. And it is your caring for yourself that delivers to you the relief that you seek, even when the relief means that you will give up what you believe makes you who you are.

“There are many now who are losing their homes, their jobs, their relationships. Yet this has been occurring upon earth for a very long time. This occurrence is truly not new. Yet the media tells you that it is a horrible time. And we say to you, beloved one, dare to lose. Dare to give up. Dare to change. And… dare to interpret your change as beneficial, as a new direction, as relief. It is only in retrospect that you discover the joy that has been awaiting you.

“And while you may be saying, giving up my home is not joyful, we say to you, you will always have a home. This change that is occurring in your life is the shaking up of the consciousness and the realigning of physicality. You have the phrase “when the dust settles” and we say, when the change settles, you will most definitely discover that you have been not only cared for, but that the change that you believe you were forced to make was actually a great gift. And yes, in this moment that interpretation is barely recognized. Yet it does exist. The possibility that this change will benefit you does exist, beloved one.

“Always are you cared for…

“And, beloved one, what do we really mean by the words “giving up”? For many are residing within that moment of despair wherein they feel that they have no other alternative but to give up.

“In the past of your living, giving up meant to give up on your own life, to give up on your dream, to give up on a new manner of living perhaps because the results did not manifest as you planned. There are a multitude of interpretations for the feeling inside, and the feeling inside is truly one of being lost… lost to the wholeness of spirit and of that which you are.

“Then in this speaking, beloved one, we refer to giving up as a manner of surrendering your interpretation and attitudes about what is occurring in your life. We are referring to surrendering everything and giving up trying to make things happen. And you might be saying or thinking that if you don’t keep struggling, everything will fall apart. Yet we say to you, if you do not surrender to the Universe, to that which you call God/Goddess, it is you who will fall apart. And it is YOU whose journey this is.

“The other missing ingredient within surrendering or giving up the interpretation of what is occurring, of changing disdain for the non-fulfillment of your efforting, is that which is called gratitude. And though you may not feel like being grateful, it is because you are residing in that for which you are not grateful… the struggle. Yet if you for one moment begin to allow yourself the relief of stating even ten items for which you are grateful, you will find a certain peace entering your being. And you might be tempted, with your attitude of disdain for unfulfillment, to close the door on gratitude and its resultant peace; yet we say to you, open this door wider! Dare!

“Then you might be asking, is gratitude the missing ingredient and we would respond by saying that listening is the missing ingredient. Listening for your own guidance, for your own invitation to take an action that is not of survival. What does this mean? It means that this part of the journey is actually inviting you, begging you, to begin to once again listen to your own messages, to your own hints, to your own invitation to a kind of action that you have forgotten for a while.

“Forgetting is not a crime nor is it unspiritual. Forgetting is simply part of your journey within placing your feet upon a different path, one different from survival, one different from extreme efforting to make the physical manifest according to your survival needs whilst your are suffering within. And the change that has been residing within your consciousness, the change which has been interpreted as something that you will participate within “after” what you would like to manifest , manifests itself… the change is to care for your inner self first. We say to you, better to live under the branches of a tree than to suffer greatly whilst living in a mansion.

“Begin. Begin within this day to listen to the small messages that come to you. And if you are saying to yourself that you never hear your messages, we say to you, change that statement. Change your manner of receiving your own invitations to change, to joy. How? Instead of thinking that you never receive your messages and creating a rough road for that message to find its way to your conscious recognition, say to yourself… in this day I will easily and joyfully hear all of my messages, all of my guidance, and I will accept the invitation to take action. We ask you, is this not an easier pathway for your messages to reach your conscious recognition? Of course.

“Then know that you are loved, that the wondrous journey awaits you. Dare to surrender your beliefs, your effortings, your attitudes, your disdain. Dare to embrace the love that ever flows to you. Dare to reside within gratitude. Dare to listen to your messages. And, beloved one, dare to take the action your message, your guidance invites you to dance within. You may truly enjoy this dance… if you allow yourself the freedom… to part the seas of suffering, the seas of disdain for non-fulfillment, the seas of negativity… and to reside within one moment of joy, of relief, of the delight in the dance.

“Then let us speak of change, for within your earthly experiences you have concluded that change is difficult, that change removes from you that which you love, or that change is something that happens to you without your choice or participation. And of course, we are speaking of a different interpretation and experience within that called change.

“While it is true that many have experienced grave difficulties and resultant suffering which has been called change, we would call such difficulties and suffering survival. An though there resides within the patterns of survival those opportunities to emerge from its grasp, survival itself propagates that which is called, in your vocabulary, the bottom falling out. That is, survival promotes not being able to trust the cause and effect, not being able to trust any fulfillment lest it fall away and cause you pain of loss; survival promotes suffering. Why?

“It is suffering within survival that causes you to want something else, to want not only relief, but permanent trustworthy relief. And within that wanting there resides your invitation to dare, as we have been using that word, to dare to change. And what kind of change are you daring to make, to enter within?

“You are then daring to change the manner within which you interpret your circumstances. Do you hear those words? We are not saying that you are changing the circumstances; we are saying that you are then daring to change the manner in which you interpret them. And you might feel that such a change is unworthy of your deep desires for trustworthy permanent relief; yet we say to you, this change always begins with you… even when the external circumstances appear to be beyond your control.

“And you would then naturally ask if you change your interpretation, will the external circumstances change to fulfill your needs. Of course you would ask such a question. Why? Because, beloved one, you are still residing within survival and you believe that your external circumstances will give you peace, will give you happiness, and will give you relief. And when you reside within survival and suffering, such a statement is true. Yet you have determined that you no longer can continue to suffer, to survive, to struggle, to effort when you no longer have the strength to effort.

“To change your manner of interpreting the circumstances is major, beloved one. Such a change may seem to you to be insignificant. Yet we say to you, we challenge you to dare to change the way you are interpreting what is occurring in your life. And how would you change?

“Firstly, we ask you to cease from believing that you are a victim to your circumstances. And again you may say that you are a victim, that no matter how hard you tried, the results remained the same… and you were caused to continue to struggle. And again we say to you, that is called survival. And, beloved one, the first step out of survival is to refuse that you are powerless, to refuse that you are a victim to the circumstances. And, beloved one… you cannot know this to be true until you begin this change. You cannot know relief from survival whilst you remain within it.

“Secondly, we ask you to release your grasp on manipulating the cause and effect. And you may ask, does this mean that I should cease from paying my bills? And we do loved you deeply for such asking. When we say the words “release your grasp” we are referring to your efforting to think the right way, say the right words, feel the right feelings, arrange your finances so that some miracle will happen and you will discover that someone has deposited into your physical bank account a few thousand of your dollars. We are asking you to release your efforting to be different that who you are, how you are.

“Thirdly, we ask you to recognize that everything that occurs in your life, manifests from within to without. And again you may say that you have been causing yourself to think positive thoughts, to love, to be as perfect as you could… and nothing manifested the way you needed it to manifest. And we say to you, you have interpreted this manner of being whilst you continued to reside within survival.

“When we say that everything manifests from within to without, we are referring to truth. When your extreme efforting is not working, then to admit that truth and to accept it is a wondrous step. It says that there must be, has to be something more, something greater. And that recognition is called an awakening.

“Fourth, when you cease from efforting, when you embrace change – knowing that it will deliver to you not only relief, but will result in joy, and when you ask of the Universe – or of God/Goddess – to arrange everything according to your highest fulfillment; then you are beginning to manifest from within to without. You are recognizing that there is a greater fulfillment than that which you have devised whilst you resided within suffering. You are recognizing that there is a greater force than your human efforting. You are recognizing that you do participate within this change; your participating holds the ingredients of surrendering, embracing the change in whatever form will deliver to you relief… trustworthy relief, and the ingredient of choosing to receive fulfillment of your heart’s desires.

“And how will you receive the fulfillment of your heart’s desires if you do not know them? And, beloved one, we ask you, how can you know your heart’s desires whilst you are residing within survival and suffering? Hear these words: when you begin to change, when you accept the invitation to change, and when you let go of your efforting… something occurs. You begin to feel a tiny thread of peace, and though the thread is tiny and thin, it is strong and if you grasp on to peace, inner peace, you will discover that the thread builds and becomes a haven within which you can heal from the battering of survival.

“And it is within this healing that you can begin to ask of your own lovely glorious heart, what is my heart’s desire. And, dear beloved one, the answer will not only surprise you, it will begin to be filled and fulfilled in the moment of realization. This is the nature of your awakening.

“Lastly, when you begin to hear your own guidance, your own invitation to participate further within this great glorious change, go forth… knowing that each step that you take within the going forth is a closing of the door to survival and suffering. And, beloved one, you mind cannot deliver to you this experience… it is your experience that delivers to you all of which we have been speaking.

“We are with you always. When you are daring to change, ask of our assistance, and we are at your side. Perhaps you will feel our strength about you. And, beloved one, in your painful survival, if you do not feel our strength, we are still at your side.”

Note: This channeling of Expanded Consciousness was originally published in The Cosmic Lighthouse E-Zine in 2009.

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