January 2018 Daily Reflection with the Divine Mother

by Jan 2018

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“There is a frequency that flows forth over the earth and her inhabitants. This frequency is like a wave of love and can now reside about all beings…”

—The Divine Mother

“I am your Divine Mother and I come forth to greet you in your new calendar year and to bless you and all that you will go forth within. Yet also know that there is another beginning. There is a frequency that flows forth over the earth and her inhabitants. This frequency is like a wave of love and can now reside about all beings.

“Long ago the Wave of Love came forth and approached earth, yet the consciousness upon the earth was not ready to receive such pure frequencies. You all have proceeded with learning how to live in a way that holds your inner peace in the forefront of your journey.

“Yes it is true that some activates, some demands, some actions in the cause and affect have called forth something other than inner peace; yet that is not a crime. It is called living in a human vessel during the most extreme battle upon earth. There is not blame for acting or reacting in ways that are not exhibiting inner peace. Yet know that your inner peace does not go anywhere in such circumstances. Your inner peace is always. Why?

“That is what I would like to speak with you about. That which we have been calling inner peace is actually the essence of who you are. Now this is not the same as peace between two nations, peace between two countries, peace between two neighborhoods, or peace between you and another. This is bigger. All of that peace which I have used as an example is a residing in the illusion. It is real, yet it is of the illusion.

“Your inner peace, the essence of that which you are, is a manner of being. It does not change any outside experiences or interactions. Your inner peace, that which you really are, does not change because you are sad, or happy, or angry, or feeling like you are bland.

“Your inner peace holds within it the Divine Essence, that of you, the real you,. You could call the real you by several names that might be familiar to you: I Am, Spirit, All That Is, Divine Essence. Yet any name or word is insufficient. Why?

“Because that which you are is beyond physical or intellectual recognition. And that is why you have been on this spiritual journey, searching for the real thing. Some of your teachers have called the real thing a type of magic that provides you with a way to experience outside of physicality. Yet even that magic, that real thing, is not a way to explain who you are.

“You see, even the word who is not quite appropriate. Why? Because my dears, you are residing in a vessel that is the persona. You might say that the persona of you is the who of who you are. Yet the real you is not designated in the physical. The real you is. The real you is, whether you are incarnate, whether you are … anything or anywhere. Yet the real you is beyond all that is created in the illusion, in the distortion, in the battle of light and ark.

“So then, perhaps we could take a moment and be together. Inside your very being, past your human nature, past the manners of developing your person hood, there is a frequency. It is so very pure. It is light itself. Yet it is beyond even light. Do you see?

“In order for you to experience the One which you are, there is a type of letting go. A letting go of your thoughts, a letting go of your fears or concerns, a letting go of plans, a letting go of projects, a letting go of trying very hard to be something or become someone. All this letting go does not mean that you will not participate in a project, or that you will not do any of that which you are letting go.

“This is different. For this moment, then, I am asking you to let go of everything. Now this isn’t an effort. It is just a simple decision. So that when you are reflecting upon who you are, you will remember that you are letting go of the “who”, and then you are letting go of plans. Why all this letting go for the moment?

“It is necessary for you to let go of your participation in the physical world so that you can simply be. Now I know that you will perhaps go to work the next day, tend to chores, or begin new projects. Yet for this moment and for each moment that you choose to rest from activities, will you then let go… of everything.

“Now this is a process. It is not difficult. It just takes a decision that you will perhaps do each day of as often as you can. Perhaps more often than that. You will just pause for a moment and simple be, and in that simply being, will you turn within.

“When you turn within, choose to reside in your inner peace, that peace that is always, that peace that has nothing to do with the cause and effect or the opposite of worldly peace. And when you choose to reside in that inner peace, breathe deeply and rest within the essence of your own being.

“The more that you do this, my dear ones, the more that you will be able to recognize that which you are not. And recognizing that which you are not is an easy thing to let go. You may even find pleasure in letting go of that which you discover to be not you, to have nothing to do with the real you.

“Now the reason that I speak with you in this manner now is primary. The frequencies the flow forth upon the earth are calling all beings to return to one. This does not mean that your world will end. It means that all beings are having the opportunity to return to their inner peace, to return to the truth of who they are. And in this manner, there is a great opportunity for the grand awakening. It is not a happening. It is a moving within the flowing of the wave of divine love.

“Yet this is not the only reason that I call you forth to participate in this manner. I wish for you to be free. I wish for you to be free of your struggles, of your suffering, of your difficulties, of your planning and then unplanning, of your attempts at success and then your pain of failure. All of this is part of the cause and effect of the illusion, of the distortion.

“There is a real journey occurring. And it calls to you. And within that calling is an opportunity to reside with the frequencies of the wave of divine love.

“Within the wave of love there is nothing else. Only love. This love is the very same as your inner peace. It is you. You have a song that says the words “all there is is love.” That is a good term, a good phrase. It speaks truth.

“Yes, right in the midst of what you are doing, your new job, your new home, your lack of money, your overflowing of money, your new children, your growing children, your new partner, your letting go of a previous partner. Yes right in the middle of what you call life, there is something happening.

“And it does not ask you to stop everything. It only asks you to pay attention, to pause for a moment and bring your consciousness within until you feel peaceful. Then let go of thinking about anything and everything, and journey within that peace, so that you are not peaceful but that you are peace itself. Then you are able to reside within the wave of love.

“There is what could be called a major change upon this earth. Yet you are simply uniting your consciousness with the truth of who you are. It is why you are here.

“I am most proud of you, my dear ones. You are able to be free now. Freedom is being who you are. In the moment. Right here. Right now.

“Even though some of these words might seem to be difficult to accept, continue to be with what I am saying to you. You will move into your own frequencies and then you will more than understand. You will be the words themselves and then the peacefulness and then peace itself. And then you are free.

“I am with you always, even unto the end of time itself…and beyond.

“I am Your Divine Mother.

“So be it.”

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