February 2021 Daily Reflection with Ancient One

by Feb 2021

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

The frequencies that reside within the encodings of all beings have been waiting for the consciousness to shift…and that has occurred”

—Ancient One

Hi Friends,

It’s hard to believe it’s already February! To me, sometimes it feels like time is standing still, and then “all of a sudden” it’s the next month!

Let’s see who will speak to us for this month’s Reflection…

With Love,

“Greetings! I am Ancient One and I am most pleased to flow forth to speak with the many. Firstly I would like to say that you are all doing very well. This is a chaotic time and there is an abundance of reasons for stress and reactions; yet you have been able to hold to yourself truth and the meaning of truth. This is, you have been able to remember that all beings are one being. Now during this time upon earth, that is quite an accomplishment, simply because the cause and effect begs beings to celebrate right and wrong, truth and untruth, which is all right… except for the fact that those are all persona-related actions and reactions; when the truth is that the spirit of all beings is one spirit. Ah! So that is what I am happy to congratulate you about.

“Now, what I have come forth so speak is more about how the histories of those who have visited earth in ancient times are now coming too fruition. What does that mean? Oh I am not going to speak of something very strange, thought I suppose some of you would truly enjoy that. No, I am speaking of the truth that, as some who have previously spoken with you, this is the turning of the page. This is the time in your present history when there is a great upheaval of certain patterns and frequencies, frequencies that have been waiting for … what?

“The frequencies that reside within the encodings of all beings have been waiting for the consciousness to shift, for there to be an awakening within the spirit of beings, so much so that the truth that is celebrated, the Truth of One that is, is beginning to take hold in the consciousness. And that has occurred.

“Now you might be saying that it surely doesn’t look like the Truth of One has taken hold in the consciousness, that there is an awakening to the full knowing that we are all one being, that we all are here to celebrate this truth, the truth that says that there is no such thing as separation from the whole. Yes, the external demonstrations seem to say that this awakening is not occurring, but the external demonstrations are just what tells us that it IS occurring. And this is what I mean by that.

“As the truth begins to be held incarnate, to be held in the consciousness, there is naturally an effort by those who are not yet awake to this truth, an effort to remain in control, to hold on to the power that they have been enjoying, and to continue to keep secret those manners and inventions that will help humanity as a whole. You see, the struggle to hold on to such seeming power is a real demonstration… a demonstration that there has been a shift in the consciousness and that the encodings within all beings are activated and being activated. What does this activation mean?

(continued below)

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“It means, my dears, that the old ways are preparing to be released and the new ways are beginning to blossom. And the old ways do not like that. The old ways feel the end coming and those who reside within the seeming control of the old ways do not like this at all. Yet, it is the time upon earth for a different frequency, a different vibration that resides and will continue to reside within the hearts and minds of those ones who are here to… why are you all here? To anchor truth incarnate! Yes, you do have other dedications to your lifely journey; yet the one true purpose is to incarnate truth, the truth that all is one.

“Then, here we are now in this time of huge change. And you are a part of it, a great part of it. And I am here to speak with you, to encourage you to continue to know this to be true, to dare to feel the relief that the old ways are on their way out; that is, the old ways of hate and the resultant actions from hate. Remember, hate is but a cover for what really resides within the beings who hate and that is fear. And what is the fear? The fear is that there is no peace, no resolution, no way to make everything be right. But you know and I know that the “right” is but truth. And at the risk of saying the same thing again and again, which I suppose I am known to do, the “right” is the truth that there cannot be a separation of beings, that we are all not only in this frequency-soup together, but that we are the soup itself, the essence-of-being taking form.

“So then, what is the best news? This. The more that you bring yourself to peace, the more that you celebrate the full knowing that all is one, the more that you allow yourself to love and be loved, the more that you care about and for others, the more that you care about and for yourself, the more that you dare to smile and laugh, the more that you see the beauty in everything and the more that you remember… remember that you are here to hold incarnate truth; then the more that this change, this turning of the page delivers to you relief, relief that the past is the past and it need not repeat itself.

“When you are true to yourself, gentle with yourself, giving to yourself, then the more that the frequencies within your being celebrate being incarnate. And the more that the frequencies within your being celebrate being incarnate, then the more that the external world delivers to you the reason to be joyful about being incarnate. Do you see?

“You are celebrating the change even before it is totally made manifest. You are aligning yourself within the new frequency that is birthing itself upon earth. You are aligning yourself with the new realm that is making itself known, the realm that uplifts all beings… yes, all beings… into a way of residing that releases the needs for war, for poverty, for illness, for…well, for anything that is the opposite of joyful living for all… and of course, this is the letting go of what has been.

“Yes, many of you are struggling; yet in your struggle you have been able to find one reason for gratitude, one reason for a soft smile, one reason for a song or a humming of something familiar, one reason to care about another even when you are in need, one reason to reach out to a hand that is saying “help me” … reaching out because you remember when you did the same, when you reached out because you were awakening and you didn’t know what was happening. You reached out and there was someone, perhaps a friend, a book, a song, a teachings, an article… something that grasped on to your asking and lifted you up, up so that you could take a deep breath and know that somehow you were going to be all right. And it was then that you discovered that even in a crowd of beings there was someone who was showing you a knowing smile and it was then that you knew that you were not alone.

“And you weren’t alone. You were and are now embraced with the frequencies of truth and the frequencies of truth feel like love… soft love, feel like firm ground, feel like more than relief but less than power, feel like you are truly in the right place at the right time and the earth is not falling beneath your feet but is lifting you up to a higher ground, one that tells you that this is a new day a new time, a better day.

“Yes, this is true. I would not say these words, bring them to you for any other reason than to let you know that you are most beautiful. And in your shining light, you are radiating truth outward and there are those, those like me Ancient One, who see you and say to you: Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

“There are many of us inspirit form who are ready to assist you in this change.

“I am most happy to have the opportunity to speak with you, lovely lovely beings.

“Then until we speak again, I am Ancient One and I speak the words: so be it.”

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