July 2019 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Miriandra RotaJul 2019

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I am Teacher and I come forth on this day to have just a little chat with you, those of you who are filled with light and are residing in this glorious spiritual journey upon earth.  Yes, I’d like to talk about that glorious journey.”


“Greetings! I am Teacher and I come forth on this day to have just a little chat with you, those of you who are filled with light and are residing in this glorious spiritual journey upon earth. Yes, I’d like to talk about that glorious journey.

“You see, with so much going on upon the earth… now let’s get clear about what I mean by that. You probably thought that I was referring to politics, world governments, the climate and its effects upon the earth, and all the stuff that is seen in the news. But I’m not talking about that at all. What am I talking about? This.

“There is much going on upon earth. Yes, all of the above is occurring, but that is moot compared to the real goings on. You see, there is a new realm that is flowing about everyone and everything. Yes, I’ve spoken about it before. But now I’m going to tell you something about it and why you really want to know.

“The new realm, my dears, is here for you, just for you. Now it’s not an exclusive thing by any means. Yet. Yes, there is a yet. For those who are awakening, it is your priceless gift. If you are receiving these words, the new realm is your priceless gift. How and why?

“The frequencies within the new realm are present for several reasons. They are here to assist you to maintain your physicality in a way that will bring ease to your efforts. Perhaps you are trying to become more healthy, more active. Perhaps you are trying to heal a small issue or a large issue. Perhaps you are trying to … the list could go on. Yet the frequencies within this new realm are present to assist you to do just what you are trying to do. Why?

“You see, we are all here to really enjoy life, to enjoy the cause and effect as we magnetize to ourselves those experiences that will bring fulfillment of being, both inside and out. The frequencies within the new realm hold within them the restoration of being. Why? Why would they hold restoration of being?

“My dears, restoration of being is automatic. Well, it would be automatic if there wasn’t the sleep state that robbed and continues to rob so many of truth, the truth of who you are and what you are most capable of being and doing. Within the sleep state, survival took over and struggle began. It continues. It grabs hold of us either through physical difficulties or emotional storms; and it tells everyone that they are less-than, that they are mere humans, and that the struggle just keeps them afloat, their heads above water.

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“Now you are awakened and awakening beings and you have uplifted yourselves out of survival’s grasp. You know and perhaps more so, feel truth as it fills your spirit. You know that you are not here to struggle, but to thrive. And it is in that knowing that the new frequencies have an opportunity to assist you to experience that regeneration, that nourishment of spirit and then of physicality. You see, it is the nourishment of your spirit that flows forth into every area of your journey, beckoning experiences that delver to you fulfillment of being. You know, the way you are meant to be, to live, to journey.

“Now what else does flow forth within and from the new realm? Peace. Why and how? Well, the frequencies within the new realm are totally compatible with each other. The merge and then part, they augment and release. The celebrate and allow. The frequencies have no reason to not agree, to refuse anything. And because this is the nature of all of the many many frequencies within the new realm, we can easily refer to the entirety as peace.

“Now this peace flows forth for everyone; there is no dedicated destination. The peace isn’t here because this earth needs, really needs, peace. It is here and radiates and flows forth peace simply because that is the natural manner of being. And you might find your mind wanting to ask, “Well, what about the age-old battle, the battles that have been on this earth seemingly since the beginning?” And to that kind of curiosity I say this.

“In the beginning, earth was not a warring planet. Yes, it is now and has been for a very long time as this primitive phase of evolution of consciousness continues. Yet in the beginning all was compatible. And I’m sure that you recognize the similarity between the beginnings of earth and the new realm. Total compatibility. Peace.

“Then one might perhaps naturally conclude that this new realm is part of a rebirthing and you would be correct, correct in that it is time, truly time, for the primitive state of consciousness to awaken, to advance.

“Now in past histories there have been different influxes of light and truth, visitors from other planets and realms, teachers both physical and non-physical who have come to earth and assisted in uplifting the consciousness. Some are recognized and are written within the histories and others were unknown and held themselves in a type of secretive presence so that they could proceed with their purposes unhampered by the hungry masses.

“And I am not saying that isn’t still occurring. It is, as a matter of fact. Yet now there is a giant wave of the sleep state the raises itself upward as if it owns consciousness itself. Ha! It does not. That is a true statement. Yet because the primitive stage of consciousness has what you might say become maximum, then the balancing occurs. Why? The balancing is automatic, just as that of peace is natural. Balance and counter-balance; that is the nature of physicality. Then because of the giant wave of the primitive consciousness, or the wave of those who are asleep and believe they are awake; then there is a calling forth of the balance of that wave. And this is the great good news. This new realm is all part of that balancing. It’s not alone in its presence.

“You, those of you who are awake and effort to hold truth within your being, to refuse to enter into those thoughts that are dedicated to the illusion of separation from the whole, those thoughts that tend to bring despair and depression… You are very good at what you are doing. Yes, some of you struggle to remain clear of those old ways, the sleep state ways; yet you are making progress, shaking off the old frequencies and patterns, beliefs and emotional bogs that used to own you. And to you, I say bravo! Yes, you are clearing the way, so to speak, making a pathway for others.

“Every time that you refuse to enter into the illusion, into the invitation to judge, to hate, to point fingers, to argue that this is right and that is wrong, every time that you succeed in that choice you are lifting up out of the old and embracing the new.

“Yes, some of you have been doing this for a very long time. Yet beware! This giant wave of the sleeping consciousness, the primitive state, is magnetic. While it causes the cause and effect to bring havoc, it invites you to enter into the battle with your thoughts. Do not go there, my wonderful ones. Refuse. There are others who are participating in ways that combat the untruth; you are here to celebrate truth. You are here to love, to laugh, to dance, to play… yes, even in the face of the giant wave of primitive consciousness.

“You see, untruth cannot stand in the face of truth. When you love and be who you really are, then you are doing just what that wave does not expect. Instead of cowering beneath it, instead of worrying and chewing your nails, instead of whispering how horrible everything is, you are daring to reside in truth. You are daring to be who you really are.   You are daring — yes daring — to love.

“And you know, it is within nature that you can find the courage to go forth in this manner. Even if you are struggling with a difficulty, you know of truth and light and you can go within nature and receive a balancing. You see, nature has a wonderful balancing act going on all the time and it will share that perfection with you. All you have to do is present yourself within it. Isn’t that just nifty? You bet it is.

“And the good news is that when you present yourself in nature to participate in its balancing act, you are also ready to reside in the peace, the beautiful peace that flows forth from the new realm.

“You see, everything is here for you. Skip the news and breathe the truth, my dears. Dare to bring yourself right into this day, into the moment, into right here and right now. Together. That’s what we are doing here in this little chat. We are reaching out to each other, embracing the glory of peace, of love, of truth and in so doing we are celebrating the dissolving of the illusion of separation from the whole.

“Now don’t slip into judging those ones who seem to be involved in the primitive consciousness. You never know who they are and what they are doing. Perhaps they are light beings hiding themselves so that they can fulfill another purpose. So many are working, participating in this awakening time. You are not alone in this, of course you know that. But I take great pleasure in telling you that you are surrounded by light beings, by angels and ancient ones and so many more. We are all here for one purpose: to participate in the truth being made manifest in physicality.

“As you have the phrase, you betcha.

“It is always my pleasure to speak with you at length or in a small chat. After all, we are One Spirit.

“Then I will speak the words: so be it.”

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