June 2019 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Jun 2019

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“Now I am Teacher and I’ve come forth to speak with you in a little chat, one that I believe you will find most interesting. It’s about this. Let’s stop pretending.”


“Greetings! Now I am Teacher and I’ve come forth to speak with you in a little chat, one that I believe you will find most interesting. It’s about this.

“Let’s stop pretending. Now I’m not talking about pretending as a way to be positive about yourself and your journey; more so, I’m talking about pretending that you need to be a certain way in order to… and you can fill in the blank there.

“For example, there is a certain belief that says that if you act a certain way, you will get the results you want. Now in some instances, that might be true. Yet, how long can you continue to “act”, to make yourself a certain way on the outside? I, Teacher, am concerned about you and care about you. And that’s why I’m addressing this practice of pretending. You see, my dears, it’s just another way of being false to your own self, another way of devaluing who you really are. And yes, I realize that in this world and especially within the current cause and effect, there might be certain ways that would seem to promote success, yet aren’t you a bit tired of that? Aren’t you a bit tired of pretending.

“Now what about pretending that you are a spiritual leader? About pretending that you know the answers and then going and look them up? What about when you smile and you really want to cry? What about when you believe that you can be more accepted if you dress in the right clothes, speak the right words and hold your body in a better posture?

“All of these ways of being and many more are taking from you, do you see? What are they taking? They are robbing you of the opportunity to discover the more of who you really are. Now I know I’ve spoken again and again, using those words discover the more of who you really are, but it seems that there is a wave occurring upon this planet, a wave that says you can’t see the real me because I’m acting this way, and acting this way guarantees that you will see me in the way I want you to see me. Ha!

“You see, you owe it to yourself — an old phase — to change. Now what’s the change that we’re talking about. It’s an inner change, a spiritual change. It’s a change in beliefs and a change in life’s experience of the journey that you reside upon, the holy journey that you find your steppings moving along.

“The first change is to take some time for yourself. Now I am serious about this. I’m not talking about looking at the news while you are alone, or texting on your phone while you are alone, or even writing a list of to-dos while you are alone. More so, I’m talking about setting aside everything and everyone and just being with yourself. Now if you are on the go all the time, this might take some practice. You can place yourself alone, that is without company, yet if your thoughts are going on and on about others, then you really aren’t alone, are you? So, yes, this might take some practice.

“Now some of you are well-practiced in setting aside concerns and bringing yourself to a peaceful consciousness. Good. But if you aren’t well-practiced, then it’s not a crime. It’s not even a crime to admit it… to yourself, of course. But the word practiced lives in that statement, doesn’t it. So.. Just give it a try, my dears.

“Now once you are alone with your own self, what next? I am inviting you to discover, to discover what are those ways that are pretending, pretending to be someone, pretending to be a certain way. I’m asking you to discover the falsities of who you are to your own self. You see, when we are a certain way to give an image to the world, sometimes we begin to believe that projected image. And when that happens, we have begun to lose our conscious knowing of who we really are.

“So then, let’s take a look at who you really are, shall we. I’m sure that you can identify your pretend-self by now; it’s the one that you feel uncomfortable residing within, as if you have on the wrong size clothes and are pretending that they fit perfectly.

“The answer to the question of who you really are begins to unfold when you look at who you are not. Shedding the layers and layers of human personas is what that’s all about. You see, there’s a difference between what you do during your day and who you are. For example, you can be working in an office, you can be working in a factory, you can be a working as doctor, a teacher, a writer, a musician. But! Those are the activities that you reside within; they are not who you are. You are the being who goes forth to take the actions of a musician. You are the being who goes forth to take the actions of a mother or a father. Yet, within those actions and those perhaps careers, there is a being and that being is who you are.

“Now you can see why I ask you to dare to spend some time with just yourself. Yes, I know life can be quite busy and demanding. Yet I believe that you will find this little time with yourself rewarding. Now I’m not going to tell you who you are, but I am going to speak something about the totality of all of us, all of you. And in this speaking, I am certain you will begin to have a glimpse of who you really are.

“Long ago when humans resided upon the earth, there was a call, a call to begin to know more about spirit and less about physical. And some beings heard that call, felt that call, and began a journey into that kind of knowing. They journeyed and met others, they began to accumulate notes and writings about their discoveries and after a time, they began to publish books for others to read about this new way of living, of residing in spirit while residing also in human form.

“Later, the writings became doctrines and some gatherings of beings began to follow the doctrines. And every once in a while, someone would read the original writings and wonder, wonder about that journey of discovery. And then, perhaps after a little reflecting, that being would go forth in a new way, a different way than the way than the doctrine had described. What occurred? That being began to have awakenings about truth, about spirit and about purpose. And that being began to make notes and to write of the experiences. And yes, later those writings became doctrines and people began to follow them.

“Now why did people follow those doctrines that others had written about their own journeys? The people wanted to have the same result. When a journeyer wrote about hiking up the mountain and feeling that presence of holiness, then the beings who read those notes wanted that experience and they, too, hiked up the mountain. Some did have a holy experience, while others did not. And those who did not concluded that either it wasn’t for them, that the writer of the doctrine was a very special person and they were not, or that they just weren’t holy enough to have such an experience.

“Now all of that rests upon what? Upon trying to have the same experience that a being had, that a being wrote about, and that had become a doctrine. Yet. I am sure you can see where I am going with this. What about that person’s experience? The truth remains that a being cannot read about some one else’s experience and then try to replicate the same experience so that he or she can have the same result. It just doesn’t work that way. And if you think for a moment, you will realize that efforting to copy someone else’s journey is what… it is pretending that you are not who you are. It’s pretending that you do not have your own journey of discovery.

“You see, you can read of an exciting experience. But what calls you to it? The fact that the person was exploring and had an unexpected experience. Two ingredients. Exploring and unexpected experience. It’s natural to want that for yourself. And you can have it. How?

“Again, firstly by having some time to yourself. Then asking yourself, what does my inner being call me to do? Now I’m not going to go on with this because you know how to ask those kinds of questions to yourself. The real question is, do you know how to hear the answer? Do you know how to discern what is calling you, calling your inner self?

“It may seem to be difficult, but my dears, it is very easy. Super easy. How can that be, you might be asking simply because you can’t seem to “get it”, you can’t seem to discern what is your inner calling. But the fact that you realize that you can’t seem to get it says a lot. It says that you are efforting to do so. It says that you have given this a try. Now I won’t belabor this example except to say, if you are learning how to ride a bicycle, how many times do you try? Once? Twice? Or many.

“Now while you are practicing to ride a bicycle, there is one thought and it’s that you are going to do it. And after a while you do. And that’s the same kind of knowing that it takes to be able to discern what your inner calling is.

“Now here’s an easy way to get a head start in all of this. If you take a walk in nature, at a park or if you can, into the real depths of nature, and you do not have an agenda except to have a saunter through nature. After you have sauntered for a while, stop and ask yourself two questions: what do you dislike to do? What is it that you are called to do and you perhaps even do it, but that you truly dislike it? Now that answer might come pretty quickly.

“The second question is, what do you love to do? What is it that you truly enjoy? It could be something as little as smelling the flowers, walking in the rain, talking with a friend, taking a nap. Anything.

“And I’ll add one more question. It’s, what do you wish you could do? Now the answer to this one doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else; it’s just you with yourself wishing you could do something. You might find that there will be a number of answers to that last question, That’s all right. Just choose one for now, you can choose the others later. But just choose one. And now ask yourself, what is it about that one thing that you would just love to do that gives you that feeling, that knowing that you’d love to do it? Ask yourself.

“Maybe the answer is that it would give you a wonderful feeling inside. Maybe the answer is that it would give you a “finally I get to do this” feeling. Maybe it feels peaceful. Maybe it feels fulfilling. Maybe you feel warm and cozy, so to speak. Whatever it is, just focus on that reason that doing what you would simply love to do would be wonderful.

“And, once you have that answer, then, my dears, you have the avenue to your inner calling. Now let’s be clear. I’m not saying yes or no for you to go and do what you’d really love to do. That’s a different topic. Right now, I’m asking you to recognize that the feeling is the recognizing of a way, a fulfillment, an excitement, a joy… all of the ways that you can discern your inner calling. That’s what it feels like, my dears.

“And you can use the tool of asking yourself again and again: what it is that you’d love to do. When you have the answer, just set the answer aside and place yourself right in that lovely feeling. Let yourself swim in it, breathing it in, exhale it, be it. And once you have done that, then bring your awareness inside of your beingness; that means that you are not focusing on anything externally. And ask. What is my inner calling? Now you don’t have to ask for an inner calling for the rest of your life. You can ask what is your inner calling for the day, for the morning, afternoon or evening, or for this hour!

“You see, my dears, you are most amazing beings. You have been residing on a spiritual journey ever since you took your first breath. Some of the journeys have become difficult while survival grabbed your beautiful self and told you how to do, what to do, and how to feel about yourself. But even in this circumstance, you began to recognize that survival’s demands were not for you.

“You’ve all grown and changed and dared. And now, even though this little chat might seem to be too basic, I ask you to give it a try. You see, even in the spiritual journey, there can be a type of pretending and that pretending, as with all pretending, tends to feel so very real.

“Right in this moment, right here and right now, you are the most amazing being in all of your past-life histories. Why? Because, my dears, this life is the real thing. It is right now. You are the most real that you could ever be…right now. So then, my dears, why not give this little chat some consideration and give this a try. You have nothing to lose but perhaps a falsity and everything to gain, especially when you feel that joy and know that you have just connected with the real you, the one you have always been, the one who is calling to you right now. I would know you anywhere.

“Then until we speak again, I am Teacher!

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