May 2019 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by May 2019

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“…with so much occurring upon this planet of yours, and with so much being interpreted for you by what is called the news, it is no wonder that your mind can’t seem to quiet itself. It’s no wonder that whatever the next step is seems to be a bit illusive. Let’s part the seas of that illusion together, shall we, so that you can go forth unscathed.”


“Greetings my lovelies! Greetings to you! I am Teacher and I come forth to speak with you about certain thoughts that roam around your mind, telling you that they are the most important event happening. Yes, that mind is an active part of your vessel. So then, let’s get to it!

“You see, as you go along within this journey, there comes that moment when you find yourself turning one way and then another and with each direction there is something occurring that causes you to shrink back from your next step on your journey. And that isn’t a crime, my dears. You see, with so much occurring upon this planet of yours, and with so much being interpreted for you by what is called the news, it is no wonder that your mind can’t seem to quiet itself. It’s no wonder that whatever the next step is seems to be a bit illusive. Let’s part the seas of that illusion together, shall we, so that you can go forth unscathed.

“Firstly, let’s look at the news. The big wigs are fighting to have their say or not, the big money is efforting to control what is being said, and the media is trying its best to keep you watching and listening. Now, doesn’t that say something? It intimates just how important you are. You see, they need you. And the good news is that you do not need them! You are here for something else, something infinitely more important. It’s this.

“Let’s imagine that you are standing at the edge of the sea and atop the sea is a swirling. It’s not a large swirling, but it seems to come into focus while you are standing there and you begin to wonder what that swirling is all about. Now what has happened?

“You were standing there, enjoying the sea and its calm movement and now you are focused on the swirling and wondering what it is. Nothing wrong with that except that the peace within your being has changed. Now it’s focused on the seeming unknown. And that’s what the swirling wants. Why? The illusion wants you to participate so that it can continue to be, to reside. If everyone ignored the illusion, then where would it get its power? Exactly.

“Now this doesn’t mean that there are events that are occurring upon earth that you should ignore, events that require your attention, events that perhaps require your prayers. Yet. Yes, there is a yet to all of that. It’s this.

“You are not here to support the events. While you can learn of the events upon earth, I suggest that you remember this. Everything is geared to capture your attention and then to cause you to participate in one way or another. And once you are captured and the drama unfolds, what else is occurring? I mean, what is occurring with your own journey? It is on pause, that’s what’s occurring. You have paused your journey in order to focus on the slash and bang of the overt current events. I’ not for one moment saying that the horrible things that are happening are moot. Not at all. What I am saying to you, my dears, is that you are here to do something else, to participate in a different way.

“There are plenty of beings who will remain focused on the events, focused on whatever the media wants you to focus upon, good or bag. And that perhaps is their job, we don’t know. Why don’t we know? Because, my dears, every being has a journey and a purpose and no one knows all of the purposes. You can assume that you know, but in truth, you do not. You are creating a story about what someone else’s purpose is and perhaps even they have created such a story. Yet we all know that we are here to awaken to truth. And the truth that we are awakening to is not about right or wrong, not about which news media is giving the correct facts or not, not about which world ruler is fair and honest and which is not. Our awakening, your awakening is about a different kind of truth.

“This is the different kind of truth. Oh, you’ve heard it before, but each time that we hear or receive truth, we experience it in a different way because we are continually being made new. You are continually being made new.

“So then, your awakening to truth is about discovering more and more about who you really are and are not. You are here to finally accept that fact that all beings are you and you are all beings. And that is a difficult truth to swallow, so to speak. Why? Because we automatically identify with the persona of each being, with the character and that character’s actions or non-actions. And we don’t want to embrace that. And here’s the good news: you do not have to.

“You see, it is the spirit of that being, of all beings, that is the One. Remember? The One breathes itself forth as the many and the many continue to do that same. Still, all one being. I know, I know. The mind, that wonderful thinking mind can’t quite grasp how that is possible. And that’s all right. The thinking mind doesn’t have to grasp any of that. Why? Because, my dears, it is your consciousness that holds the frequencies of truth, your consciousness that resonates to the truth of One. There’s really no efforting to understand truth, no efforting at all.

“What does understanding the truth require? Oh, you are going to love this! It simply requires letting go. Letting go of trying to figure out the whys of physicality. Letting go of trying to justify what is occurring or not occurring. Letting go of the inner turmoil of the cause and effect. Now remember, this doesn’t mean that you don’t care. Not at all. It simply means that you recognize that your worry or judging does nothing to help the situations in the cause and effect; and further, your worry and concerns about all that is occurring stops you in your tracks, so to speak.

“You are so very ready to continue to place your feet upon your chosen path.

“Your chosen path of awakening, of peace, of love, of joy, of delight. Yes, you are so very ready for all of that and here is the other news that might be difficult to swallow, so to speak. You can experience the joy, delight, freedom and expanding consciousness even while the suffering continues upon
earth. In fact, my dears, that is why you are here.

“You see, the more that each being resides in truth, resides in joy and delight, resides in the knowing that the more that each being lets go and allows their consciousness to expand, the more that the entirety of all is uplifted.

“Now we can’t go into the masses and point our finger and cause a consciousness to awaken. However, you. You can reside in truth and hold peace within your being as you go forth and what occurs? You change the entirety of the mass consciousness. Now! Perhaps you will read those words again? That’s no small potatoes! You are then doing exactly what you came here to do.

“Yes, you will have challenges. Some will be physical, some emotional, some spiritual; yet all challenges will lead you to letting go of another manner that has been, perhaps secretly or unconsciously, participating with that mess that I described. When you continue to let go of participating with the illusion and the propaganda within the illusion, and you continue to stop feeding the media with your attention; then oh then, my dears, you are breathing a breath, a holy breath upon the whole.

“Now I’m not saying these words to make you feel better. That’s not what I am about. I am about truth. And that is what I am speaking when I tell you that if you reside in peace and go forth holding that peace and love with your entire being, you are — in that moment and in all moments — affecting the whole in such a beautiful way that you might tend to think it’s not possible. But its not only possible, it’s what we are all about together.

“I come forth during this speaking to ask you: don’t give up! Don’t become so discouraged by the news, by the horrific continuing events, by the power struggles, that you have lost focus on your purpose, on your right to dance and to play, on your divine right to breathe forth truth with every breath. Remember. I embrace you and encourage you to remember. I encourage you to go to nature and walk there and while you are walking in nature, let go of every other thought ‘cept that you are there and nature is waiting to embrace you, to assist you to replenish your spirit and your cells.

“Long long ago in another time, so to speak, you partnered with nature and during those times you were more eternal to your own self than any words could describe. The only thing that has changed now is that there is much more occurring and the much more tends to grab your attention … why… remember, because it needs you. And you do not need it.

“Long long ago, when you breathed your breath of truth, all beings felt that breathing and paused, breathing in your breath that they be as One. And when another being breathed a holy breath, you paused and breathed inward, recognizing the return to One. Such participation was the generating of grace as it flowed forth to feed, to nourish those ones who had fallen asleep and were wondering and wandering about, trying to find their way back home.

“Remember, you are the Home itself. You are the Breath, the Holy Breath itself. You are the taking of form and the releasing of form. And yes, your mind will want to move those words around so that it can truly grasp the great truth of who you are. That’s all right. Yet… yet, remember to set aside those thoughts and simply reside in the beauty of who you are, the beauty of freedom from the illusion and its need for your attention.

“When you feel the pain and suffering within the hearts of those ones who are so very affected by the horrors, then pause for a moment, bring yourself to peace, and do what you have always done since the beginning of time: breathe your holy breath outward to all. And when you do, remember that all who breathe that breath into themselves are you, the you of the many that has been breathed forth. You are the One and you are the many. You are the breath and you are the aching for Home. You are the ache, you are the pleading, you are the journey to home, you are Home itself. All One.

“Next comes choice. Choose where you will place your focus, your energies, your breath, your holiness, your steppings. Choose.

“I am with you always and when you ask, I am assisting you to remember, to be who you really are, and to dance our dance, laugh your best laugh, and shed the tears of joy while you know that even your dance flows forth freedom to those who are residing in the chains of illusion. You are the holy
beings. You are the ancient ones. You are the One, the One Being. Remember.

“Then I will speak the words so be it, and when I do, my dear ones, all that has been said, all the frequencies of truth flow into your being and your consciousness celebrates once again the known of who you are.

So be it.

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