April 2019 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Apr 2019

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“Teacher, I made the mistake of breaking my fast from the news and have learned once again of horrible laws, actions and inactions. What can we do to help change what is occurring?”

“Well let’s look at that, shall we? While it is true that this is a primitive time and it seems as if the dark ages are upon us, there is also something else occurring. Now I’m not going to try to diminish your feelings, or shock at discovering what has occurred in the absence of your awareness. More so, I wish you and all beings who are appalled at what is occurring upon this earth to remember why you are here. It is not that you are here to march in the streets, though that is neither correct nor incorrect; it is not that you are here to put up a fight, thought you may be called to do just that and the you will have to decide in the moment what you are guided to do. It is this.

“My dears, you are here to hold the light. You are here to reside in truth. Now you have heard those words again and again, but let’s talk about what they really mean. To reside in light and truth means that you are awake to the fact that all beings are one being. Yes, we’ve spoken of this many times. Yet here you are, wondering how everything can be so horrific, and I am here to tell you that there is much more going on. Much more. Now I’m going to speak of them much more so that you will have a different take, so to speak, on what it means to reside in light and truth.

“Upon this great earth, there are several gatherings—right in this moment—where beings are bringing themselves to peace, where they are letting go of their attachment to the cause and effect and are breathing deeply and allowing the one moment to reside and to reside within it. They are, without dedicating such a purpose, holding peace incarnate.

“Upon this great earth, there are several gatherings—right in this moment—where beings are making a tone, a sound together, and the sound calls forth totality, calls forth the knowing of one being, of one heart, of one mind, of one spirit. And though they are not dedicating such a purpose to the making of such a beauteous sound, they are calling forth the frequencies within the unconscious to flow froth and become conscious, that all beings might embrace truth.

“There are individuals upon this earth who, each and every day, who dedicate themselves to peace, to love, to harmony, to knowing that their very steppings upon the earth are in alignment with a fulfillment of purpose and such purpose is dedicated to incarnating truth and light and the frequency of wholeness of being. These beings have lived many times before upon this earth and each time that they have incarnated has been one of deep trouble, of primitive actions and inactions, and of the spreading of hatred for the purpose of powerful control. These beings hold within them a strength, a great strength, and it is through their awareness of such horrific times that they ask, as you have and as many have, what can I do? And the answer has come again and again, in each lifetime. It is this.

“All beings who are incarnate now, who are awake and who are residing in the search for demonstrations of wholeness of being are here to reside in this one moment, to breathe this one breath and to know that all beings breathe the very same breath. You are all here to remember that your love is for all beings, even when you believe it is for one, your very special one. And your love is for that very special one, but in loving in this manner, you are actually loving all of humanity. All. And there is not one being in all of humanity who does not respond to love, even when they pretend that they do not.

“You who receive these words are here to stand firm, in your strength, in your awakening and awakened state of consciousness, residing in those frequencies that flow forth from within to without, those frequencies that tell you that the light flows forth within your journey, that the love flows forth within your journey, and that the manner of your residing determines the cause and effect as it flows forth.

“And you might say that residing in this manner cannot possibly affect the cause ad effect because there are horrible things occurring. And I say to you, without your residing in the manner of truth, and light and love, this earth would perhaps be no more. Do you see? Without your dedicated residing, the battles would increase, suffering would increase, horrors would increase and be much greater than they are now. You must know that you are making a difference. You are!Then I say to you, all who receive these words, reside in peace. Reside in the knowing that you are blessed and are blessing the earth by your very steppings. You are helping the multitudes who are suffering.

“Again, I am not diminishing the suffering. I am recognizing that there is great great suffering. And I am also recognizing that without your presence — those who reside within the light and the anchoring of truth incarnate“there would be suffering covering the entire earth. You all, all of the light beings, are being called forth now to remember your purpose, to reside within it, and to love. Love all beings

“Remember, you are not asking yourself to love the actions of those beings. You are asking yourself to remember that all beings are one being and that when you separate yourself form those ones who seem to be impossible to love, you are then returning to the sleep state where the untruth says that you are separate from the whole. I say it again, love all beings and set aside your own hatred for the hate mongers. Just love all beings.

“And then? And then, my dears, dare to laugh, to play, to love, to dance, to be who you really are in the face of what is occurring. What are you doing? You are not ignoring what is occurring. You are the ancient warrior turned peace-lover and you are dancing your warrior dance, only now it is a dance of love, a dance of peace, a dance of wholeness of being.

“And when you reside in this manner, all light beings celebrate your success in your continued fulfillment of purpose. You are not alone. You are of the whole; and within the whole are the many, and within the many are those who love you, embrace you, care for you, dedicate frequencies of strength to your beingness.

“My dears, you are doing a splendid job. Just don’t give up. Keep doing that splendid job. I am most proud of you. I am so very pleased that you have paused for a moment to receive these words. They are designed to heal your aching heart and to bring you to the most awake state that you can reside within… all so that you can be who you really are. This is your time. Dance your dance, my dears.

“I am with you and assist you always. I am Teacher. So be it.

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