March 2019 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Mar 2019

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“It seems that there is so much occurring upon the skin of the earth and with its inhabitants that beings are becoming fearful, and that fear has had a definite part in creating the events that seem to be unfolding in deeper realms. Now what do I mean by all of that? This.”


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Greetings! I am Teacher and I come forth just for a little chat. It seems that there is so much occurring upon the skin of the earth and with its inhabitants that beings are becoming fearful, and that fear has had a definite part in creating the events that seem to be unfolding in deeper realms. Now what do I mean by all of that? This.

There are several layers to this thing called physicality, as many of you know. And the layers have a direct effect upon each other, as they comprise the whole. What are the layers? These. There is a layer upon the skin of the earth and that layer holds within it the consciousness of those creatures that are of the stratum of living directly upon the land or in the water. There is a layer which resides, resting upon that layer and this next layer is that within which the consciousness of humans reside. There is a layer that envelopes both of those two with the essence of the consciousness of the whole. There is a layer which resides seemingly above that layer of the consciousness of the whole and within it resides the consciousness of awakening humanity. And the last that I will speak of, though there are several more, is the layer which holds Truth as expanded as it can be whilst residing within physicality.

Now within those layers, as you can imagine, there are changes ripples of cause and effect, and expanding of consciousness. Now pay attention that I did say that within the layers resides the consciousness of… and the reason that I remind you of this truth is that all beings resides as one being, yet the consciousness resides as frequencies that flow about the whole and within the whole.

As physicality has been subjected to rash events, there are also matching events within the consciousness of all layers. When a consciousness in a layer expands outward to demand its affect upon the whole, then there is a shift in the frequencies of the whole. Why? One would think that the consciousness of the whole would be able to hold its own integrity! Yet that is not the case. And the reason that the consciousness of the whole is affected by demands upon it rests in the truth that this is stretched time as I have spoken previously.

Within stretched time, there are multitudes of expressions and demands, several of which have changed the nature of residing upon earth. One of the events occurred during the time of dictators who chose a path of control against truth. Now that is the nature of a dictator; yet when those kinds of efforts are placed upon the whole — in stretched time — there is a rippling that flows forth within the frequencies of the whole, the entirety of stretched time; and within those frequencies is a call. What is the call? Oh you are going to love this!

The call is to those who have been guarding Truth and its many forms, the call is to those ones who dare to stand strong in the face of the gathering untruth, the call is to those who refuse to battle yet also refuse to remain subjected to the untruth. That call rolls forth through the time stream.

Now in this moment of the times stream, then, there is heard or felt the call and those who are residing as best they can in Truth, respond. How do they respond? They send forth love, they go to those who are suffering, they dare to say “no” and to say “yes” when either protects the integrity of Truth as it resides incarnate. They dare to be who they really are, light beings anchoring truth within an age where the untruth begs to overtake that which loves as the flower loves the sun and the rain.

Now. As the untruth is staking its claim in physicality, the patterns of the frequencies upon earth change. Now I am not at all saying that there is nothing to do with climate change or that topic. I am in agreement with what scientists have been saying. Yet I am also saying that the efforting of the untruth to subjugate those who are less than able to fight, less than able to say no or yes, that efforting is causing great upheaval of the frequencies upon earth. Yes, including the weather patterns and earth’s response to the changes in the layered frequencies that reside upon her skin.

Now this is not to blame, but to bring to the surface of consciousness the truth and the truth says that everything that occurs in consciousness affects the whole; and, the whole includes the patterns of frequencies called weather and earth’s response to those frequencies. To be as blunt as I can be, my dears, the untruth, the negativity, the efforts to control the consciousness of the people for personal gain, and the manner of hatred’s growth all are affecting earth’s ability to hold itself in the consciousness of One.

That means, clearly stated, that all layers of frequencies, along with earth herself, are rebelling to what has been occurring. There is only so much hatred and the acting within hatred that can be born in physicality. Now some are tempted to hate the haters. You see, that just increases the issue. And you know the answer, of course. You have always known the answer. There has even been a song about the answer. The answer is Love. Love is all there is. Love and the breathing forth of love, the breathing forth of embracing truth is what holds the layers in proper relation with each other. And that is what you are doing, my dear ones. That is what you are doing. If you receive these words, then you are breathing forth love simply by being alive. It is the nature of who you are.

Then why am I speaking to the choir, so to speak? This is the reason. I want you to know how important it is for you to stand within your own steppings, to remember who you are, to care for yourself and those about you, and to love, to love yourself, to love your family, to love your neighbors, to love your town and city, to love your state, to love your country, to love your neighboring countries, and to love the entire world, and then to love earth and all that it holds within and upon it.

And if you sit quietly and think about all of these words in this little chat, you can bring yourself easily to the conclusion that the way that you love to be — in peace and in a loving manner — is the way that everything can hold itself and then, with all of that lovely love growing, can begin to align itself once again… with truth, with the knowing of one, and with the joy of slipping out of hatred’s grasp and radiating outward the blossoming of real life and its daring to be, its daring to stand strong, and its daring to be as the flowers in the fields. You are the answer to hatred’s grasp. You. You who receive these words.

It’s not that difficult. Especially when you set aside a day or more and refuse to watch the news, refuse to read those words that tell of more and more hatred and its affects, its horrific effects. When you set aside those days and reside in peace, you are then bringing into alignment all layers of residing incarnate. You are then doing what you have always meant to do. You are then calling forth from all layers, from all realms, those ones who celebrate truth and who celebrate the caring of all beings, all beings. That is the honoring of the life force as it resides incarnate. Holiness of being.

All right now, take a deep breath, remember who you are, and dare to love right in this moment. Dare to set aside our thinking about anything else except the knowing that you are so very capable of love. Take this moment to love yourself…. And take the next moment to love those around you… and take the next moment to love nature as it resides about you, perhaps outside your window… Just begin in this manner. Make these few lovings real, very real to yourself, and then breathe it forth.

In the next day, do the same. Let the love become real in your consciousness, feel what it is like to be loved unconditionally. Love yourself in this way, forgive yourself, embrace yourself and your journey. Begin this way. Feel it. Then love the same with those in your lifely journey. Love the creatures. Love nature. Love the birds, love them all. And in doing this, allow yourself to feel peace.

If you continue in this manner, you will change the nature of expression of those residing upon earth. Why? How? All beings are calling forth healing, are calling forth wholeness of being. All beings want peace, they just don’t know it. Why don’t they know it? Because they rest in fears grasp, survival’s hold. But you, in your manner of being, can tap their spirit on its shoulder and whisper truth… just by being loving to yourself.

Loving yourself is loving the whole without efforting to change your thinking about all beings. You are the whole and the whole is you. Be kind to yourself and you be kind to the whole. Be gentle to yourself and you be gentle to the whole. Be accepting of yourself and you be accepting of the whole. Be loving, really loving to yourself and you change the nature of the whole as it is made manifest.

Never underestimate who you are in this grand stretching of time!

I am most proud of you. Most proud.

Then until we speak again, I am Teacher! And I say the words: so be it.

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