February 2019 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Feb 2019

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“During this chat, I’d like to talk with you about discerning Truth and daring to let go of that which purports to be truth but is actually… nothing.  Now I am not criticizing any of the information that you have been reading and perhaps studying.  Everything flows forth to you, for you.  Yet.   Yes, there is a yet.  And it is the yet that I’d like to talk about.”

—Divine Mother

Greetings! I am Teacher and I come forth…why? My dears, because I am most fond of you and the way you are continuing your awakening journey! You are amazing beings, each one, placing your feet upon your path, trusting that your journey will lead you further into the inner knowing of who you really are, giving and loving. Yes, you are wondrous beings.

During this chat, I’d like to talk with you about discerning Truth and daring to let go of that which purports to be truth but is actually… nothing. Now I am not criticizing any of the information that you have been reading and perhaps studying. Everything flows forth to you, for you. Yet. Yes, there is a yet. And it is the yet that I’d like to talk about.

You see, in times long ago there were many teachings that taught you just how to be, taught you the correct attitudes, the correct ways to think and even the correct ways to love. Now those teachings were prefect for those old times. Why? Why were they perfect? Well, my dears, they were perfect because humanity was awakening from survival’s grasp and you were among them.

And now you are more awake and also more able to receive truth into your being. You see, my dears, survival’s grasp actually leads one to believe that there is a way, one way, that is right and the other ways are wrong. Further, survival’s grasp also says that one must let go of inner knowing and trust what is given. And I am certain that you can see where I am going with this. It’s this. The old ways served you well, served humanity well, as it emerged from pain and suffering of the dark ages.

So then here we are, in the new realm, the frequency that invites you to be free from those old ways. And for the most part, you are successful in casting aside those old ways that denied you the truth of your own beingness. But let’s talk about that “yet”. Let’s talk about those subtle clingings to the old ways. And the reason that we would talk about them is to bring your beautiful awareness to what is holding you in place, so that you at times feel you are on hold, while your journey is begging you to venture forth in new ways, in fulfilling ways.

All right now, let’s begin! Now what I am going to say initially will feel most familiar to you simply because, as you have the phrase, you have been there and done that. But don’t despair and just stay with me because we are going on an adventure together and it is going to be one of freedom for you, just for you.

So. Here we go. Long ago … well, perhaps not so long ago for many of you… there were teachings that said that it was wrong to feel certain ways, to react certain ways, and to perhaps even hold inner knowing a certain way. And I’m here to tell you that feelings are not wrong. They are yours. So let’s look at those feelings. Why? Well, because they are messages from your inner being, from your human nature, and from your body itself.

When you have a feeling that tells you to stay away from certain events, certain gatherings, what have you done? You have stayed away. Now I can hear some of you saying that you wished that you had listened to that inner guidance, but instead you went forth because you were supposed to, so to speak, or because the invitation was from a friend and you didn’t want to disappoint that friend. Now that isn’t a crime; it isn’t a crime that you went forth even though your inner message said to stay away.

You see, my dears, this journey is a learning experience. You all know that. But when you deny your learning, you are.. what. You are refusing your own journey and are actually placing yourself into something that is a “should”, something that denies the reality of your discoveries. So what do I mean by that. It’s this.

When you go forth and do something that seems to go against your own inner knowing, what is that? It’s called survival’s grasp. Ah! You see! This is one of the residues of the old survival, the one that you left behind. You see, survival said that there was the one way and if you weren’t following it, then you were… what. You were lost, unholy, unspiritual, a failure… you know all of those judgments. You know them because you discovered them inside your being, you discovered that they were part of your self-talk and after a while, you became tired of that negative chatter and changed. And to that I say, good for you!

So now here is the residue of all of that. Firstly, denying your inner message because there is a seeming responsibility to someone else, to some other calling. And then secondly, after the fact, blaming yourself for not following that guidance. All of those actions are part of the residue of survival. How? Anything that denies your divinity, anything that denies the beauty of who you are, the strength and power of your own incarnate self, residing as you anchor truth and light… well, anything that denies that is the untruth. You see?

So then, let’s look briefly at the reason for not following your inner message. Oh, I believe you are not going to like this, but stay with me still, because after a while, you will begin to feel more freedom. The real reason for not following your inner message is called people-pleasing. That is, you want to be sure that you won’t hurt someone’s feelings by not accepting an invitation, or you believe that you should be seen going to this gathering, or… my dears the reasons could go on. However, when you decide against your own inner guidance you are trying to please someone OR some old message.

And the real solution to all of this — because I could go on and on, but you easily get the picture — is to change something. What are you changing. Your response. However, before you change your response — that is, go or not go to this invitation — there is that moment. That moment wherein your inner knowing flows forth and you receive it, you recognize that there is something that is giving you guidance and that guidance has a motive. The motive is to care for you.

So then, let’s pause with that a moment and recognize that the inner guidance is flowing forth form where? From your divine Self. That is, the Real You is whispering to you perhaps these words: it is not in your best interest to go forth. You hear it, you recognize the truth. Now right in this moment of recognizing truth, you are incarnating the more of who you are. And when you breathe in that truth, that message, you are then releasing your grasp upon survival’s residue, the residue that says “you need me”

This is a powerful moment, my dears. And the next powerful moment is when you give yourself permission to follow that guidance. It then says to your journey, to your human nature, to your body-physical that you care. And in that moment, you are the Divine speaking to your system, to your vessels, to your beautiful incarnate self.

Now some of you are still stuck on what you will say to those who are inviting you, perhaps friends or perhaps a job or perhaps an organization. The answer can be as simple as, “That won’t work for me right now.” You have all heard the saying that if you might have to speak the words more than once for the inviter to receive them. Why? Well, my dears, those ones are accustomed to getting their way. It might actually be a wonderful gathering… for someone else.

When you dare to let go of that pattern of people-pleasing — the subtle residue of survival’s grasp — you are then daring to place your steppings within your journey in a way, a beautiful way that says to you: I am free.

Now let’s talk a bit more about what other residues of survival’s patterns are dancing around you, waiting for you to let them go simply because your vibrational frequencies are stretching beyond what is and what has been.

What about that moment when you realize that the current situation isn’t really for you any longer? Oh that is a difficult one, I realize that, my dears; but it doesn’t really have to be difficult. You see, when you have that inner feeling that your job, your relationship, your geographical location, your friends, your anything… isn’t right for you any longer, it doesn’t necessary mean that you are to get out of Dodge, as you have the phrase. You see, that meaning is actually part of the residue of survival. I know, I know; it seems that I am saying listen to your inner knowing in one moment and not in the next; but that really isn’t the case. Here’s what I’m saying.

When you have that awareness that something isn’t working for you, sometimes that message has been tapping you on the shoulder for some time but you have either ignored it or truthfully didn’t recognize it. That’s all right. Nothing is a crime here, my dears; you are not here to judge yourself and place a punishment upon yourself for ignoring something that seems to be too difficult to admit. And right there, in that moment, survival has you. But we are going to change that. Here’s now.

When you have a tap on the shoulder or when you have that inner knowing that something isn’t working for you, in that moment, that very special moment, you are given an opportunity to go deeper, to remember truth and to cease from accepting the external world as a barometer of your inner knowing, your inner world. Ah! Now we are going deeper together.

You see, whenever an external circumstance says to you “time to get out of dodge”, that is the pattern of survival. Now I’m not talking about a circumstance where you are in danger and it is best that you remove yourself from the circumstances. This is different.

When you are discontent with the external circumstances — whether a person, place or situation — tells you to leave, to pack your belongings and get out; then there is something that has brought you to that moment of recognizing truth and untruth. Here we go!

Remember this truth. Everything flows from within to without. Now this doesn’t mean that you blame yourself for an eternal circumstance that doesn’t seem to fit well with you. This is different. Blame is part of the old residue of survival.

When I say, remember that everything flows forth from within to without, I am asking you to dare to remain awake, to dare to be the more of who you really are. For many years, everyone rearranged the external world to try to make their internal Self be happy and fulfilled. And for a while, that seemed to work. But later, there was the realization that no matter how much you moved or rearranged the external world, your inner being remained unfulfilled. And of course that brought on a type of frustration and also a search for what else would work. You discovered many methods of manifestation and holding your thoughts and perhaps your mouth right in order to make the external world be as you would like it to be. And here you are now, receiving these words that you have called forth and I am most pleased to be speaking them to you.

When you let go of the external world and its manner of presenting discontent to you, you are entering into the most magical journey of truth. When you take a deep breath and let go of the attachment to the discontent and the seeming reason for the discontent, then my dears you are beginning to place your consciousness within those frequencies that deliver to you fulfillment of being. Yes, it is that simple.

You see, my dears, when you try to change a another person, you have entered into the old control issue, the one that says that you can make things be better externally. When you change jobs again and again because none of them are right for you, you are playing with the illusion and asking it to be real. When you change a relationship perhaps more than once because the other person just isn’t right or just doesn’t react you the way you would be treated, again you are trying to squeeze inner fulfillment from an outer relationship. The real relationship is with you – with your real Self, the real job is your journey within your own awakening, and the real location is where you are stepping right in the moment.

Now all of this might bring to your mind a lot of “buts”. For example, but I don’t like my partner, I don’t’ like my job, but I don’t like my circumstances. And that might be absolutely true. Yet I say to you, if you do not change the way that you relate to all of those buts, then you are still in survival’s grasp. And survival’s grasp does not lead you into fulfillment. Survival continues to place before you a carrot that says if you have this, you will be happy and fulfilled. And when that carrot doesn’t work, a bigger one is dangling before you and then more and more, until you have reached as far as you can reach, until you have efforted to change your external world to such a degree that you are exhausted from playing with the illusion, from trying to manipulate the illusion, that you are ready to… determine that the job, the location, the partner is the cause of your discontent. Do you see? It is what you have called a merry-go-round, which is located within survival.

So the answer asks you to stop doing that, to stop focusing on the external person, place or situation; and then to focus within. Now focusing within might take a dedication. What I mean by dedication is this. When you find your thinking returning to projecting outward to find your discontent, it is then that you ca stop that pattern right in its tracks.

You might find that it is your emotions that will alert you that you have returned to blaming the external world for your internal unhappiness or unfulfillment. That is a powerful moment, my dears. When you feel that emotion begging you to blame, that is the moment when you can stop, take a deep breath ad bring yourself inside your own being. It is as if you are reeling yourself right back into your own body, right back into your beingness, right back into the truth of who you are.

When you continue in this manner, slowly but surely, your attachment to the eternal world and the belief that it is the cause of your discontent will diminish and you will begin to feel a slight breeze, so to speak, breathing itself through your being. This is the beginning of freedom from survival’s grasp, from the residue of the past.

Next, walk in nature. Go to nature for your fulfillment of being. Nature holds within it Truth, the frequencies of wholeness of being. Now I’m not talking about walking in nature and thinking about anything else, thinking about decisions, work, projects, lists of things to do. I’m talking about clearing your thinking and walking in nature and noticing nature, noticing how nature is, is of itself complete. The more that you do this, my dears, the more that you will be replenished and more so, that you will begin to feel peace within your being.

You see, now is the opportunity, the great opportunity to step completely from survival’s residue and be free to be who you really are and further, to develop your relationship with that inner peace so that you can reside within it. And here’s the great news: when you reside within that inner peace, when you choose to nurture and nourish your spirit, then your inner fulfillment flows forth into the external world and becomes manifest for you. Do you see how easy this is?

Taking care of yourself, choosing to replenish your spirit, daring to remove yourself from the patterns of blaming the external world for your inner discontent… this is the kind of change that will deliver to you the portal into a new manner of living, of being, of celebrating instead of struggling.

Does it mean that you will never stub your toe? Of course not. This is earth, it is physicality; yet the truth remains that once you begin to reside in this manner, peace flows about you, my dears.

And what else occurs? The circumstances that used to bother you have changed. They might actually be exactly the same as they were, however YOU have changed to such a degree that you are not dependent upon the circumstances, the relationship, the job, the geographical location… to give to you inner fulfillment. You are the fulfillment itself as it flows forth from you, for you.

Do you see? The subtleties of survival are so very blatant, even when they call to you to blame, to reside in the beliefs that support better-than, lesser-than. The subtleties of survival will always cause discontent within your being. And that is most gloriously wonderful. Why? Because they are easy to recognize! And in the recognizing, as I have been saying, resides the moment of choice, the moment of daring… daring to choose your Self, the real you, instead of the illusion of the carrot and its invitation to continue to suffer in survival. And you are so very worthy of that freedom, that peace, that fulfillment.

Yes you are, my dears, yes you are. I am most pleased that you have stayed with me until this moment of our talk. This means that you are ready, so very ready for the next phase of your journey, the journey into Truth and its gifts.

Ah! How glorious! Then, until we speak again, I am Teacher.

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