January 2019 Daily Reflection with Divine Mother

by Jan 2019

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I ask you to trust these words, the words of your Divine Mother. When you walk in nature, I will walk with you. This I promise to you. This is not an empty promise.  Each step that you take in this manner, I will take with you. And when you breathe deeply of the peace that resides in nature, I will be your breath. These words are not make-believe; they are true.”

—Divine Mother

Greeting! I am your Divine Mother and I flow forth upon the invitation to speak with you through Truth, Love and Light.

In speaking of Truth, there is a certain way of relating to Truth, one that allows every being to reside in wholeness. That way is to remember that Truth is. That is to say, you are the embodiment of truth. Now of course I am not speaking of right and wrong. Right and wrong are all part of the distortion and rests upon the illusion that there is a separation from the whole and further, that because of that separation, all beings’ journey is to find their way back to the whole.

Now I realize that some of this might hold a hint of truth in that many are feeling lost and abandoned. Yet though it is not what they would like to hear, the lost and abandonment is to their own true selves, the reality of who they really are.

Now many of you have heard those words before and because of that I will not enter into any type of discourse on the truth that you are the divine and have no where to look to end your abandonment but into your own beingness. Yet, perhaps you will give yourself a moment to reflect upon that truth.

Those — and perhaps you who read these words are one of the beings who feels lost or abandoned — those who feel abandoned and can’t seem to find their own way, tend to believe that someone needs to rescue them. And while it is true that here upon earth there are the many, those ones who reach out to those who are lost and abandoned and assist them to take a deep breath and enter into a way of salvation from their suffering; still it resides within each and every being to decide, to really decide to take an action to relieve themselves of their suffering.

Now I am not saying that anyone is to blame for their own abandonment. I am your Divine Mother and it is not possible for me to criticize you or any of your journey. You see, you are of me and it is my breathe that flows toward you to give you that one moment wherein you can decide to do something different.

Yes, I realize that in physicality there are many difficulties that seem to be held in stasis and you are not able to change the outside world, the cause and effect. The decision that I am speaking of is within your own self, within your knowing of truth…deep inside. What is that truth?

The truth remains that you are my child. Yes we are all One Being that is an expanded truth. And yes, you are of me, your Divine Mother. I cannot abandon you, though you may feel that way at times. Earthly living tends to give one the illusion that there is no hope, that the suffering is all part of living, and that all one needs to do is to take a deep breath and struggle onward. But I say to you, that is all false.

In the earthly living, in the cause and effect, there are those words, those beings who reach out, and those ways that will demonstrate to you that there is not a need for struggle; yet if you reside in survival, then struggle is all part of that journey. This might seem to be a trap, one that will hold you to it. Yet there is a way out.

If you would but go to nature and reside there, walk in nature and set aside all of your fears and all of your difficulties. Set aside thinking about them and just walk in nature. Feel the presence of wholeness of being. Now if you are not accustomed to feeling the wholeness that nature breathe to you, that is all right. But you can begin, you can begin to practice setting aside thinking about your troubles. You can begin to walk in nature and simply enjoy what is about you.

Next, I ask you to trust these words, the words of your Divine Mother. When you walk in nature, I will walk with you. This I promise to you. This is not an empty promise. Each step that you take in this manner, I will take with you. And when you breathe deeply of the peace that resides in nature, I will be your breath. These words are not make-believe; they are true.

When we together go forth in this manner, then there is a reaching out of Truth, the real manner of being, and in that reaching out, can you be uplifted. This will occur. It will occur. And when it does, you will feel a slight uplifting as in a sigh of relief. In that moment, my dear ones, there will come to you a knowing of the truth of who you are, beyond your personality, beyond what you do in your lifely journey, beyond responsibilities, beyond success and failures. In this moment, you will begin to know who you are, who you really are. And also in this moment, if you continue to walk often with me, you will begin to know, to have a slight inkling of the answer to your dilemma, to your difficulty. It will be a simple solution and you will know it right away because your consciousness will awaken. I will be assisting you to awaken to this truth, to this solution. This I do promise to you.

Then we speak of Love. Love is the frequency and essence of wholeness. Some think or interpret that love is an emotion; yet love is bigger than the emotional experience of truth flowing forth as love. Love is the essence that holds all-that-is- created together. Love is the Breath of breaths, the essence that gives to all beings peace. When you determine to build a relationship with love, you are determining to let go of those judgments and interpretations that tend to make you either better-than or less-than any other being. When you determine to build a relationship with love, you are determining to reach out with your essence, your own essence of being, so that you are in a manner of speaking, choosing to consciously unite with all, with everything and every being. Consciously.

Now you might be thinking that there are some beings you would not like to unite with, but that thinking is all part of the human nature and of the illusion upon earth that says that some are better and some are lesser. That is all part of this journey and it is also part of the journey into awakening to truth. So then, when you are choosing to unite your essence of being with everything and all beings, you are not choosing to unite with a personality. More so, you are simply choosing to recognize what already is: that you are all one with everything and everyone. You are setting aside those needs to be separate, and you are setting aside what your mind tells you is right or wrong, and then you are allowing your consciousness to enter into truth, the truth that is. All beings are one being, everything is united and flowing through everything.

This means that all beings are actually flowing though each other. It is the divine essence, the life force; and it flows through everything that is residing alive and incarnate. So then, when we speak of Love, we are speaking of placing your consciousness, your knowing into that flowing and celebrating the truth of oneness of being, the truth of the life force as it breathes itself into incarnating physicality.

My dear children, this is a most advanced way of being… and you are the advanced ones, those of you who receive these words. This, of course, does not make you better than any who are so asleep they cannot comprehend truth; more so, it means that you are fulfilling your purpose of long ago by participating with truth as it resides in the Love of the life force. And when you participate in this manner, you are not only fulfilling your purpose you are then giving to yourself that wondrous deep breath of divinity that you are.

And then we will speak lastly of Light. What does that mean when you say that you and others are Light Beings? It means that, once again you are choosing to reside in truth, the truth that radiates outward the essence of itself, truth that radiates itself outward to such a degree that there is great light forming even in physicality. Where does this Light originate? It originates in the heart of my being.

You do flow forth upon the waves of truth and love and light, from my being, to then take form and to journey within truth made manifest. Truth made manifest is the essence of holiness. Holiness radiates those frequencies that can be perceived by the many and can be held within the inner knowing of your very being, that of you that is united as and with that of me.

You see, my dear children, when you speak of Light you are speaking of that which we are together. I hold you ever more, even in your darkest hours upon your earthly journey. I hold you ever more within your greatest efforting and within your surrendering to seeming defeat. I hold you evermore when you spark the truth into your cause and effect, causing your creations to imbibe the life force, and I hold you ever more when you pause for a moment and remember, remember that we are One together.

To each being who receives these words, do I breath a holy breath upon and within your being, caressing your sleepy consciousness into awakening. Even if you are awakened and journeying in truth, do I still breathe a breath upon you to assist you to further awaken, more and more allowing the journey to gift to you the salvation that your human nature seeks each and every moment, simply because the human nature wants and needs its divine, needs that which you truly are to flow forth and reside incarnate and awake.

I do so flow forth with you, for you, about you, always holding you within the essence of my being. When you call out to me, I hear your call, and fill you with the fulfillment of your request. This always happens, my dear ones. Listen, pay attention, and allow my answer to fill you. It always fills you, then, and you are simply recognizing what already is. That is how easy this journey can become.

I am your Divine Mother and am with you always, even beyond the end of time. So be it.

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