December 2018 Daily Reflection with Divine Mother

by Dec 2018

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I am your Divine Mother and I come forth to speak with you, briefly, to help direct your thinking and more so, to assist you to know that you are residing in a most treasured time.”

—Divine Mother

“Greetings! I am your Divine Mother and I come forth to speak with you, briefly, to help direct your thinking and more so, to assist you to know that you are residing in a most treasured time. My dear children, there are many who are recognizing that this is a time of great battle, some say a battle of the darkness and the light. And though that may be true, there is something else occurring and it is this something else that I would like to speak with you about.

“This is a time of year when many cultures and religions celebrate events and this celebrating tends to uplift many beings. There are those, also who are not uplifted but are greatly saddened simply because they are not fitting into the image that is portrayed upon the screens of viewing, or because they are alone and believe they must be accompanied by family or friends in order to be uplifted and feel the cheer that is being called forth.

“None of the celebrating is wrong, of course. As your Divine Mother, I am pleased to know that you are cheerful. And if you are saddened, then perhaps these words will assist you during these times.

“I wish to invite you to celebrate life itself. Though there is a new year beginning for some cultures, though there is a celebration of birth for some cultures, and though there is a remembrance of times past for some cultures; the truth remains that you are alive and living during these times.

“My dear children, each breath gives to you life and with the incarnating of that life force, do you go forth into your journey. I invite you to view your day as a gift, one that you have given to yourself, decided long ago. I encourage you to refrain from watching the propaganda which flows forth from nearly everywhere and directs you to feel fear or horror. You are so much more than any of that. You are the Light of My Heart. You flow forth from Me to take form. And in your taking form, do I breathe a holy breath upon you, inviting you to awaken to the dance of the divine within you.

“When you find your thoughts moving toward sadness for the suffering of my children, when you find yourself feeling fearful of the powers that direct in falsities, or when you suffer for those who are starving; remember these words. All beings are my children and many purposes are being fulfilled. While it is true that you do not know all of the purposes, you are awake and you can determine that you will accept my invitation to remain awake and to celebrate life itself.

“I also invite you to consider beginning your journey anew. What does that mean? It means that I am taking your hand and walking with you in a new journey, one that will ask little of you and give you much. It is a journey of remembering and a journey of forgetting.

“In remembering, you are walking upon a path that entices you to know beyond a doubt that you are divine in nature, that you flow forth from beyond this physical residing, and most importantly, that you are enticed to remember that I am with you always, that you are cared for and loved.

“What you are forgetting, in this new journey, is the pain of the past. Why am I inviting you to forget the pain of the past? Because, my dear children, it holds you captive. Even while the blossoms of divine breath are before you and around you, the patterns of the past hold you to them and diminish your experience of the present, the present moment and the present new journey.

“How can you forget the past pain? My dear children, by refusing to allow it to determine your entire memory of your previous journey. There is a tendency to hold on to the pain and difficulties and to, then, forget the beauty and love that has surrounded you. There has been a tendency to hold thoughts against those who have harmed you and to refuse to allow yourself to journey into the unknown, simply because it is asking you to be vulnerable. The past has caused you to step cautiously within your journey.

“I am not blaming you for any of these ways; yet I am your Divine Mother and I am now calling your strength to flow forth, to fill your being and to determine to let go of all that you have taken to yourself. In this moment. Can you give this a try? Can you dare to let go of those feelings toward events of the past? Can you refuse to let them define you and define your present journey? And, my dear ones, can you dare to step anew, can you dare to begin this journey with Me, your Divine Mother, placing your trust in Me and more so, placing your trust in your inner knowing, the inner knowing that tells you that the external world cannot give to you all that you desire.

“This new journey is one of paying attention, one of determining at the beginning of each day how you will go forth. At the beginning of each day, tell yourself, remind yourself that you are beginning a new journey in the day, that you are new as well, that you take form in this day, taking form from My Breath. Breathe deeply of this truth and allow it to fill you. Determine what is unnecessary for you to do and dare to reflect upon what is your most important stepping.

“I invite you to step into this new journey with Me, to refuse to allow the external world to determine who you are and how you will experience this new journey. Instead, go forth in holiness, in the holiness of who you are, in the holiness of your very breath, made new each and every moment.

“Refuse to place your focus upon the untruth. There are many who are focusing in this manner and they do not need your presence in any way, not even in your thoughts. Reflect upon how you can demonstrate your love by simply refusing to enter into those thoughts of damage to the spirit of another being. Refuse to allow yourself to enter into anything that denies your holiness of being.

“When I speak of holiness of being, I am not speaking of weakness. I am speaking of strength, the strength of who you are and the strength of the purpose of your new journey. Your strength flows forth from Me automatically, simply because you are birthed from My Being. Your birthing is continuous. You are taking form and releasing form many more times than can be imagined. Do you see? You are renewed continually. And it is with this continual renewal that I invite you to remain awake and determine that you are viewing your steppings as brand new, each day, each moment, even right now as you receive my words.

“You are loved and treasured. You are meant to reside in peace and the strength of who you are. I am most proud of you and who you are considering yourself to be; yet I also continue to invite you to know that you are so very much more.

“With this day, do I walk with you, breathe with you, celebrate with you, and hold you within the embrace of the frequencies that uphold your true nature. I celebrate your stepping upon this new journey, one that delivers to you truth, joy and more so, a new way of knowing, of being. You are My child. You are of Me. Give this to yourself. It is a simple decision to begin anew, to step into the journey of celebrating the life force as it fills you in each moment.

“Long ago we spoke of this journey. We spoke together and even then did I place within you the knowing of this one moment wherein you are birthed again and again. Now is your moment to remember…and to forget.

“I am with you always, even beyond the end of time.

“So be it.”

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