November 2018 Daily Reflection with Divine Mother

by Nov 2018

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I am your Divine Mother and come forth to speak with you upon a topic that perhaps has been forgotten…if only for a while.”

—Divine Mother

“Greetings! I am your Divine Mother and come forth to speak with you upon a topic that perhaps has been forgotten…if only for a while. You are all doing very well in paying attention to your own spiritual journey and doing very well in efforting to care for others who are struggling within the beliefs held in survival’s grasp. And now I am going to speak with you about something a bit different, yet I believe to be most significant for your journey as it resides in this moment.

“You see, my dear children who reside upon earth, there comes forth those invitations during the day, during the evening, during the night, those invitations that ask you to be different than who you really are. What I am referring to is that call to invite you to forget that you are divine, that you are of the whole and that you are not in any way subject to the negativity that begs you to react to it.

“You see, my dear children, you have a precious gift. The gift is choice. And of course I am not speaking or referring to the choice to live in a location, the choice of a partner, the choice of a career or job, the choice of sleeping or not. I am referring to that choice that allows you the freedom to be residing in the truth of who you are.

“Now you have heard those words “truth of who you are” for a very long time, perhaps over and over again. And it is not that you have forgotten that you are the divine essence of my being, breathed forth to reside incarnate. More so, it is that you have forgotten that you are not bound by the cause and effect as it flows forth created by the illusionary foundations that illicit fear and the need to be better than or less than.

“Neither are you bound by those beliefs that tell you that you must be a certain way to one day be able to have a glimpse of the divine, perhaps at the bequest of another. This is all false and untrue. I have never created a journey for you that would refuse you the knowing of that which is my own breath becoming you. I would never create for you a journey within which you would suffer to such a degree that you would sink into the depths of despair and to reside there evermore.

“There are those who believe that suffering is necessary. That is all part of the earthly journey and the ripples of the untruth as it flows about the earth. Yet know this to be true: there are ripples of truth that flow about the earth. There are waves of love, divine love that flow across the earth, and are designed to embrace you and to remind you of truth.

“Remember, truth can perhaps be spoken in words, as I have been doing; yet truth is but a vibrational frequency. Truth’s vibrational frequency is one with totality of being. Yet also know this to be true. As truth flows forth to earth, there are those who are able to receive and integrate some of the vibrational frequencies. Why only some? Because my dear ones, my dear children, you are all awakening. If you were totally and fully awake and residing in the totality of the frequency of truth, then why would you remain here upon earth? There would be no reason simply because you would necessarily effort to remain incarnate. Why? Those frequencies within which you reside would be then so very expanded that physicality would not easily allow itself to be a vessel for such frequencies. Why? Physicality rests upon the illusion of separation from the whole. It is not a crime. It is all part of the journey.

“Some creations, such as nature and the creatures who reside within nature, can hold truth while incarnate. And they can because they experience their journey through their consciousness. Those who reside in the vessel of human nature experience their journey through the thinking mind and its parameters and beliefs. Again, this is not a crime; it is all part of the journey of those who reside within the human vessel.

“Then this refers to you, my children. You are always opening, awakening, and choosing to let go of previous beliefs that have served you well. And there comes that day, that moment wherein you release all beliefs, all parameters, and simply be…in the moment.

“Within this moment, right here and right now, we are together the same breath, the same vibrational frequency of truth, and the fulfillment of all purposes. Yet while you also reside in this moment within that human nature, you are gifted with the journey. That means that you are gifted with the journey of awakening. The journey of awakening allows you to continue to do just what I have described. It allows you to continue to let go of beliefs and parameters… and there are those circumstances and incidents, those teachings, those loved ones and those strangers who come to you and, by seeming incidental word or actions, cause you to question and then to open further to those frequencies that are who you really are, to those frequencies of pure truth.

“Then as you go forth in this day, in the next day and the next, I, your Divine Mother ask you to consider what is your choice. What choice is given to you in this day? What choice is given to you by those seeming chance meetings? What choice is given to you by those circumstances that seem to bump up against what you call your comfort zone? What choices are begging you to recognize that they even exist?

“And in those moments, in those moments of choice’s presentation, remember that I, your Divine Mother, am loving you, holding you within my being, breathing my breath forth for your incarnating; and always can you choose truth. Of course choosing truth does not have anything to do with choosing right or what is wrong. Truth is in the letting go of the need to consider anything right or wrong, but is the remembering that all is one.

“In the remembering that all is one, there is that moment when you can love…love without hesitation…all beings. Yes, it is true that there are some beings who seem to make it difficult to love them. Yet also remember that you are viewing the persona through which their human nature journeys. When a being seems to be difficult to love you are viewing that being’s human nature’s persona. The real being is the divine essence that flows forth to take form within those vessels. Just as do you have that persona who some love and who some also find difficult to love. That is the cause and effect of physicality.

“Why does that be? Why are some easy to love and others not? All development of the persona is an interpretation of the taking of form and the releasing of form. Now you might be confused by that statement, but here are more words to assist you to allow this truth to be known within your being.

“There are many ways that truth is interpreted through the taking of form and the releasing of form. The primary illusion is the one that resides within physicality itself and that I have previously spoken: the illusion of separation from the whole. When there is a taking of form, there is a an experience of wholeness of being, of being in what you call the right place at the right time. There is a feeling of love and of that called comfort.

“When there is the releasing of form, there is a feeling of loss, an interpretation of letting go of what is. There is also a feeling of wrongness simply because the absence of wholeness seems to reveal untruth. Yet this is all an interpretation of the divine breath of creation itself.

“Creation is breathed forth to take form as the All. You know this to be true and have heard those words for years upon years. When the pulse beat of taking form is full, then there is the releasing of form and the return to creation’s nothingness, from which the breath of taking form begins again. This always occurs.

“Yet within that occurring, there is the human nature’s most familiar interpretation. The human believes that everything is all about him or her…the him or her that is the persona of the human. And in this interpretation, there is then the activity of those beliefs that interpret further the feeling of wholeness or emptiness.

“Because the human interprets that everything that is occurring is about the incarnate self, then there is judgment and within the judgment is there a choice. The choice seems to automatically occur: one that says I am separate from you. And when the human nature’s persona enters into that interpretation, then the sleep state has its way, causing havoc with the natural flowing of the All as it is received within the sleeping consciousness.

“Yet you, you who receive these words, are awake. You are awake to the knowing that all beings are one being. You are awake to the knowing that always are you residing within the pulse beat of taking form and releasing form. You are awake to the truth that you always are… even when there is the releasing of form. Why? Because, my dear children, you are the divine essence. You simply are. Yes, the breath of that which you are enters creation itself as it goes forth to take form. But you are always that breath, always that frequency o truth. You always are. Even beyond the end of time, are you.

“I, your Divine Mother, ask you to reflect upon these truths. Reflect and allow them to vibrate within your being, even when your mind tries to figure out the intensity of the truth, allow yourself to simply be. Set aside your need to figure things out and for the moment, simply be your beautiful self, that one being, that one breath, that truth itself. And in that moment, do you now Me.

“I am most pleased to have this opportunity to flow forth to speak with you in this manner. Then, my dear children, until we speak again, I speak the words, so be it.”

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