October 2018 Daily Reflection with Divine Mother

by Oct 2018

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“Greetings. I am your Divine Mother and I come forth to speak with you as you have requested with your heart. You see, you are all my children. Each and every being is the child who has flowed forth from me. And I did birth you…”

—Divine Mother

 Hello Friends,

 Recently the news about more children being moved to the tent city, without schooling, medical help, or legal choices, has left me with a heavy heart. Then as I reflected upon more, I realized that there are so many children around the entire earth who are in need of even the basics. I know I am not able to go physically to a location and help even those in tent city; perhaps you feel this way too. It is with all of this in mind that today I ask Spirit what we can do to help the children of the earth.


The Divine Mother

“Greetings. I am your Divine Mother and I come forth to speak with you as you have requested with your heart. You see, you are all my children. Each and every being is the child who has flowed forth from me. And I did birth you into your incarnating upon earth. Your journeys are many and seemingly different; yet each journey is for the purpose of awakening, and in the process of awakening there at times is pain, pain that leads you away from one manner of being and toward another. Know that I am always breathing My Love upon you, assisting you to uplift from the struggles and despair, from your difficulties and from your feelings of being lost and abandoned. Know that I am always with you and that you are never abandoned by your Divine Mother.

“Now, you have asked how you can help the children upon earth and it is my pleasure to speak with you in answer to your request. Yes, there are physical ways, yet those of you who receive these words will not be those who go forth to fight for those children. You are to fulfill a different purpose and your purpose resides within my answer to your request.

“From your heart flows forth those vibrational frequencies that journey toward wherever you intend them to go. Do you see? Perhaps you have forgotten or not considered that you have a choice, a powerful choice. It is to determine where and how you will direct My Love that flows through you. For, when you are feeling your heart fill and overflow, then it is at that moment that you have been able to open to the fullness of the Love from your Mother.

“And because you are my child, you can direct that Love. Directing My Love as it flows through you is not done with the mind, but more so, is done through the Spirit of who you are. You have become aware that you are not really human but reside in a human vessel and that is an integral part of your journey of awakening. The real you who resides in that vessel is the Child of My Being. You are that divine essence flowing forth to reside incarnate. You already know this I am certain.

“Yet within this knowing is there that glorious choice which allows you to direct My Love as it flows through you. Then if you would but take a few moments to recognize this truth before you enter into a participation that can assist all the children of the earth, especially those ones who are young and who are suffering greatly. Once you reflect upon the truth as I have spoken, then as you do, you will be bringing your frequencies to a peaceful and expanded manner; and it is within that manner that you will be able to effectively direct that Love.

“You see, Divine Love is like an elixir, one that flows forth from the perfection of being. And it is the perfection of being that breathes forth within wholeness. Wholeness means, in this speaking, that you are all My children and you, as My child, are choosing to breathe forth into the wholeness of all; and as you are all incarnate, you are also choosing to breathe forth that Love toward those who are children and are suffering, those young ones.

“The aching in your lovely heart for those ones is actually their reaching out for their Divine Mother’s Love, for rescue from their earthly journey that has become too difficult to bear, yet there they are, too little to know anything else.

“Then let us together change that ache within your heart to one of Divine Flowing, so that those little ones, those suffering ones can have relief within the Spirit of their being.

“As you are aware, upon earth there is a flowing forth of the untruth, of the purporting of separation from the whole and then its usual desire to control at all costs. You see, that dark untruth, and the need to control that resides within it, is actually that yearning for more and more. And the yearning for more and more is an interpretation of the need to come Home, the need to reside it truth. Yet those who are in seeming control are too asleep to know this truth. They only know they want more and will do everything to have more. Then, this is the journey upon earth for so many and this journey of darkness and untruth hurts so many, many of them children.

“Then together, we can assist the spirits of those who are suffering, those little ones. Let us do this now, My dear awake children. For it is My Love for you who ask that calls forth the flowing of relief. When the Spirit is relieved with the knowing of truth, then there can be an ability bestowed upon that human vessel that will allow it to continue and to survive and to be what is called in physicality, rescued. Yet this process will take time and some of them in their suffering do not have time. Our participating together will breathe forth relief and it will stretch time for them, time to allow rescue to find its way to them. Do you see?

“Then let us begin. I ask you to reside in the Truth of One; that is, to bring your consciousness to peace and to the knowing that you are My child and that we are always as One, we are always breathing the same breath, holding Love within the warm embrace of this truth.

“Then, I ask you to breathe with your Spirit; that is, to breathe inward the Love that I now flow forth to you, Love that holds the intent, that of flowing forth to fill the Spirit of those ones, the suffering children. I will now place that intent in My breathing forth to you; and you will breathe it inward, into your own Spirit.

“Then I will begin and if you choose, you will breathe My Love into your being, more and more and more. Let us continue in this manner for a while.


“Now from your Spirit, breathe forth that Love, My Love through the heart center of your being, and breathe it outward, sending it forth to those suffering ones, the children upon earth whose Spirit will receive automatically. Automatically because it is their nourishment of being. When we nourish the Spirit then all else can flow forth as a magnet to that nourishment. Do you see?

“As all upon and within physicality flows forth from within to without, when you are residing in Truth, then this Love that we will breathe forth will fill their Spirit, each one, and will nourish them. This nourishment, filled with the Essence of Divine Elixir, will be as a magnet toward physical relief, nourishment and freedom to be, to be loved and cared for. My dear ones, this is a powerful action that we are participating in together.

“Now from your Spirit, breathe forth that Divine Elixir, that Divine Breath outward, toward the suffering children. My intent is already residing with that which you breathe forth. Then simply breathe forth that Divine Elixir from your spirit, through your heart center, and outward toward those children.

“I believe you would be able to continue in this manner for ten breaths. Do not hurry. Hold your knowingness of this Truth and I will participate with you.

“Your breathe will be My Breath and My Breath will be your breath. Begin now, my beloved ones.


“Now pause and allow yourself to reside in peace as I hold you to my being, kissing you upon your brow, breathing a breath upon your being, and loving you, my child, my holy one, my one who has birthed and become awake and resides in that vibration of truth. You, my holy child. Remember, you are always Home with Me.

“If you ask, my dear one, I will come to you, I will assist you in all ways of the Spirit. And all ways of the Spirit magnetize for your fulfillment in the physical. Yet remember that in the physical as well, the purpose remains to be awake to the truth of Oneness of being, that you all reside as One, One Heart, One Breath , One being, One Spirit.

“Always am I your Divine Mother, even beyond the concept of time and eternity. I am most pleased with you and your striving to be more. You already are more. Reside in peace and allow the comfort of My warm embrace to hold you in peace. Always am I with you.

“Then I believe we could speak again at another opportunity when it presents itself. Until then, I remain.”

[Miriandra: Thank you, Divine Mother. Thank you from our heart.]

Photo courtesy of Craig Burdett

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