September 2018 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Miriandra Rota | Sep 2018

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“Greetings beloved beings! Let’s have a little chat on a topic that continues to flow through your concerns. The topic is how to make more money. Or, as some would say, how to be more secure…”


“Greetings beloved beings! It is my great pleasure to flow forth to speak with you in this manner. Let’s have a little chat on a topic that continues to flow through your concerns. The topic is how to make more money. Or, as some would say, how to be more secure in this journey in physicality.

“Now the second part of my topic, how to be more secure in this journey in physicality, does not mean that I will avoid the speaking about how to have more money. Let’s begin to speak about that right now, shall we?

“You see, there is a belief system upon earth regarding money. No, I’m not speaking about those who think having a lot of money is bad; and no, I am not speaking about those who believe that they will never have enough money. This is bigger and deeper than that.

“The belief system that I am referring to is one that says you do not know how to place yourself within a manner of being that will open the portals or doors to your avenues of money, to your unlimited supply of abundance. And you might have good reason for that belief that you do not know how. It seems that you have tried everything, including working very hard at a job that you do not like, or working at a job that you like but gives to you little or not enough pay.

“So then, I would assume that you would like to know more about these avenues. Now speaking about why they have eluded you will not help very much, will it. We would then be dancing in place, so to speak. So then, let’s move on from your present state and into something that I’ve been waiting to teach you.

“I am Teacher and I will continue to flow forth in order to help you not only discover who you really are beneath that identity of human and its persona, I am also flowing forth to teach you a new way of living, one that will give to you a freedom that you have been yearning for, a freedom that will allow you that deep breath of relief, relief from struggle.

“Now I have spoken many teachings about all of this and I am not going to repeat myself here. My speakings are available and that is all that I have given thus far; yet here we are in this moment and now I am going to teach you about your avenues for money, for abundance.

“Now abundance does not mean that we are avoiding the word money or finances. We are all inclusive in this use of the word abundance.

“Here is a statement of truth. You don’t have to be concerned that I am asking you to believe something for which you have no proof. Just bear with me for a little longer and you will become so involved with these words that you won’t be able to put them down, so to speak.

“The statement of truth is this: Those who receive these words are ready for the next phase of their journey and the next phase relieves them of the old ways and introduces them to new ways, ways that will bring real fulfillment into physicality. It will then become a reality for you while you are incarnate.

“What does that really mean? This. You are ready to live in a different way, to think in a different way, and to become aware of those avenues of abundance that are just waiting for you to recognize them.

“And while you have tried everything that you know how, including trying to manifest great quantities of money — and there is nothing wrong with that efforting — you are now ready for something else.

“Just ask yourself this: how long have you been trying to play with the unknown, trying to access anything that would deliver to you those secrets of living, those secrets that you know exist simply because there is something inside of you that knows that there is something better and it seems to be just out of your reach?

“This is the beginning of receiving those secrets. You see, they are not really secrets, my dears. The ways of living, of being incarnate, have always been ready and waiting for the real you to present yourself. Now this isn’t a trick. It’s real. You needn’t worry that you can’t present the real you simply because you don’t know who that is. No one does.

“Why? No one knows their real identity because the description of the real you does not fit into any of the parameters that you have been residing within. The real you is an essence, divine in nature, that flows forth to take form. Now many of you know this already; or, perhaps I would say, many of you have heard these words before. Yet, have you really taken them into your being? That’s what we are doing together as we have this little chat.

“Your lovely human nature and its persona have tried very hard, have efforted even in the face of knowing that something is withheld or hidden. Now, right now, I would like you to not only consider, but to really dare to believe that the real you is essence, a creative force or perhaps more familiar to you, the life force, that flows forth to reside incarnate, to reside in that physical body. Now there is not personality to that life force, that essence divine. None whatsoever. Do you get that? The real you already is complete. There really is no need for a physical journey toward completeness. Then why are you incarnate?

“Yes, that is a big question. The answer is this. You are incarnate to experience the glory of awakening to Truth. Now there are various forms of truth that you have been awakening to. One is that all beings are really one being and that you are not separate little entities trying to be better than each other. And you have found relief, for the most part, in that discovery of truth.

“Now you are ready for this truth that I am deliver to you. It is this. When you let go of holding certain beliefs of how your abundance and fulfillment would take form, you are allowing that abundance to flow more freely to you. So then, what are the beliefs that are prohibiting that natural flowing?

“I know, you would like to purge yourself of them right now. But that’s not really what we are doing. We are simply becoming aware of those beliefs and parameters that you have developed concerning your money and its flowing to you. Why aren’t we purging them? Because, my dears, they are part of the mass consciousness. That tends to stop you in your tracks, doesn’t it. But that doesn’t mean that you have to take what resides in the mass consciousness to your own self.

“The more that you are conscious, the more that you can let go of the attachment to what has not worked for you, or perhaps worked for a little while and no longer fulfills. What attachments are you letting go of? These.

“One belief or parameter in the mass consciousness says that not all beings are worthy of financial abundance. You know this belief and you are daring now to recognize that it is not for you. Do you see? Can you, in this moment, refuse to have that belief be part of who you are? If yes, then determine to refuse to reside in any way within it. If you find your thinking returning to that untruth, then remove it immediately and tell yourself: I am a divine essence and all fulfillment flows forth to me and through me in an unending supply.

“Another belief in the mass consciousness says that the harder you try the behinder you get. That might sound humorous and is said in an off-handed manner by many, but it holds within it a feeling and belief that there is no way out of trying hard and not having good results. You may have even experienced this in the past, but right now in this present moment, I am asking you if you are ready to let go of that untruth. Why continue to place yourself in that way of being? Whenever you hear your thinking say, I just can’t seem to try hard enough to get anywhere, refuse it. Tell yourself that it is an untruth of the past and that the truth is, right in this moment: I am an honorable being, holding truth as the essence of that which I am.

“Another belief in the mass consciousness says that I just don’t know which way to go, what to participate within to be able to have the money that is mine to have. This is a good stopper, isn’t it? It recognizes that you do not know how and that is important. Really important. Why? Because, my dears, it admits that you do not know how to go forth. And now you are receiving this teaching that will assist you to change that not knowing. Here it is.

“Each day, the first of awakening, take a deep breath and say to yourself: I am a real being. I am essence flowing forth to reside in the physical. I am that essence. I reside in this physical body. When you say those words, breathe deeply and flow that breath all the way down to your feet. Decide that you will anchor yourself right in that body.

“Next, say the words, I am here to awaken to truth. Again, take a deep breath and release it. Let those words be with you, reside in our consciousness. Next, speak the words: my journey in this day delivers to me all manners of truth and avenues through which I can journey and discover fulfillment of being. My natural manner is fulfillment of being. Again breathe deeply and then speak the words: so be it.

“Now what does this do? You might think that they are only words, yet my dears, the more that you do this each and every morning, the more that you are daring to live in a way that will give to you those new manners of being. What would the new manners of being be? Oh you are going to love this!

“Your new manners of being most definitely will give to you an opportunity to meet new beings, beings who are uplifting to your spirit and who have a similar consciousness. You will have the opportunity to engage in a new project, one that will give to you a feeling of fulfillment of purpose. And, there will come that moment when you will be deciding to change — perhaps the change will be in your employment, a change in your manner of play, a change in our relationships, a deeper feeling within your relationships. Yet the change will always be asking you to place your feet upon the seeming unknown.

“The reason that I say seeming unknown is that you have been journeying forth by creating a known before you, one of comfort. Now that isn’t a crime. You have been doing that as a direct result of living in a type of survival, where you are tired of experiencing the struggles. Then you have learned how to create a way of going forth that at the very least will prevent more struggles. And this creating or manner of going forth upon your created known has place you within what you might call a loop; that is, the same thing over and over again with no release or uplifting actions.

“So now you are daring to place your feet upon something that you have not planned ahead of time. It is in the moment. Perhaps you are offered a new position, a new geographical location, a new joy. You won’t know what the results will be, but in the moment you might feel a slight joy, a slight feeling of relief, of play. That is what this new manner of being is all about. It is more and more free of the struggle of the loop, and more and more fulfilling in the moment.

“Fulfilling in the moment means that you still do not know the destination. And you won’t know the final destination because, my dears, your journey continues and with it does continue to be delivered to you that joy and fulfillment. You perhaps won’t see the fulfillment coming. It might just surprise you. And in that moment of surprise, you will know beyond a doubt that you have chosen to step out of the old ways and into the new. You are now residing in truth being made manifest… in the moment… as it always is being made manifest.

“You see, physicality tends to lead us all to believe that if we can make something staid, we will be able to count on it and it will continue to give us the joy that we first felt when we because aware of that special something. Yet that is totally based upon untruth. Nothing can be held staid in the cause and effect of physicality. All is always taking form and releasing form. And it is within that taking form and releasing form that your journey can now reside and within that residing do you have the great pleasure — in t e moment — of fulfillment of being.

“When you have reached this point, so to speak, of letting go of trying to make something, anything, permanent, it is then that you have dared. And the daring is to reside in truth and to allow. What are you allowing? You are allowing your fulfillment in all ways to flow forth to you. And then, my dears, you are allowing that fulfillment to lead you toward its already forming avenues of abundance. And the already forming avenues of abundance are your joy and delight of being incarnate, of residing in that physical body and that human nature and its persona. Yet you, the divine essence, are awake and able to choose for your human nature. You are the guiding force for your journey. And you are right now able to choose truth and let go of the untruth that has held you…in that unsavory loop.

“Oh my dears, let’s dance a dance of freedom together. All you would do would be to dare, to dare to let go and to take one small step. Begin each morning and for one day, dare… and then the next and the next. Your fulfillment awaits your new choices and your steppings into the unknown. You can do this, my dears. It is the next phase of your journey upon earth. And it is a glorious phase.

“I will be with you and assist you. I am here for you, my dears. Then until we speak again, I would say the words so be it.

“So be it.”

Feedback about Teacher’s new book, Leave the Insanity Behind:

“I just finished your new book, and I’m starting to read it a second time! Teacher’s words connect with me in a powerful way…amazing stuff! I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for all that you’re doing on behalf of the “One”. …Thank you again for channeling this wonderful being, Teacher.”

– TP, Maryland

“Your book could not have arrived at a better time. I literally flew through the first 5 speakings, but when I hit 6 things slowed down and I had to really concentrate. I can’t tell you how much I am appreciating this book and how completely it resonates with me. It is all so well written and makes such perfect sense. Everyone should read it in my opinion.”

– AH, Pennsylvania

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