It’s quite common for someone to doubt that they will actually receive a communication from a departed loved one. I think that sometimes the doubt is a protector against disappointment. Let’s face it. When a person asks for such a communication, there is something very deep happening.

One of the gifts of channeling such sessions is the feedback from those who say things like: “No one knew that I loved to dance, no one but my husband. When he told me to go dancing again, I knew it was him.”

And, “Only my brother called me by that nickname. No one else even knew about it.”

Several parents asked to speak with their child, who had committed suicide. In many cases the answer was that it was an accident and apologies came flooding forth, alleviating questions about blame and opening the door to healing.

In all the sessions I have channeled, both in person and over the keyboard, only two receivers have expressed disappointment. During one in-person session, the spirit didn’t recognize his brother’s name. His sister asked, “How could he not know his own brother?” I believe she thought I was a fake.

Later, I asked my teacher, Henry Bolduc, about what had happened and he said that often times, when a being has left his body, he is in touch with perhaps hundreds of lifetimes. How does he remember the name of one brother or for that matter, one situation? I never thought he’d answer that way, but it got me thinking… about everything.

And more recently, a person’s feedback was that she expected something special and that special secret didn’t happen. It’s natural to want that kind of proof. However, the session itself contained a deep discussion… just for that person.

Here’s part of the preface information that I give with a session:

…After departing from physical, there comes a time when the being can communicate with those who remain incarnate. Sometimes the being chooses not to communicate, but to wait until he or she has adjusted better into the next phase of the journey. If this is the case, then the being usually leaves a message for his or her beloved ones.

…The reason that we speak of this journey of the departed spirit is to allow you to know that beings who have departed do not always communicate to those still incarnate, in a familiar way. Some who were most cautious in a life become more relaxed and free, while others who were relaxed in their lives sound to be more formal or even more educated to the processes of soul journey. Some spirits have journeyed through thousands of lifetimes and have few individual memories of occurrences of the most recent lifetime; yet the feelings and experienced discoveries always remain.

Bottom line? Don’t let doubt get in the way of a very deep and special experience. Set aside conclusions and receive the message first.

Next, I’ll help you begin with your own communications.

Connect with Your Departed Loved Ones

This session, Communication with Your Departed Loved One, is a gentle session…

And calls forth the revealed journey that your loved one has experienced since departing from physicality.

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