I was having a talk with my husband this morning about how wonderful it was yesterday to be with my good friend, Diane, and that we were of similar political and spiritual views. Just plain comfortable and uplifting. Then my husband and I got into wishing that we could be in that atmosphere of like-minded folks more often, if not close to all of the time.

That’s when I remembered a spiritual teacher’s statement to me long ago.┬áBella and I were having a wonderful time together. I had just finished with a successful channeled weekend retreat and she had finished with teaching meditation to her class of beginners. I was from Virginia and her center, where we were, was in New York, and I was sighing over the thought of us living closer and enjoying each other’s company more often.

She smiled her knowing smile and said, “Well, the masters never hang out with each other!” What? “They get together every once in a while,” she continued, “but then they go out into the world to carry the light into the darkness. That’s what we do. We don’t hang out together because we have a purpose, a job, and we’re doing it.”

I’m not thinking about this in the framework of the political arena. We certainly have enough of that going on. I am thinking about it with regard to life itself. Several folks who have had sessions asked the question of how to find friends who are spiritually a match. The answer always seems to be easy. That is, go to spiritual retreats, programs, lectures, gatherings, bookstores. But the results, they say, are in-the-moment and not long-lasting.

I happen to think the issue of coming together is immensely larger. Every teaching that I have channeled reminds me that we are all one being and that living in physicality gives us the illusion of being so very separate from each other. And then that illusion is reiterated in the cause and effect “out there” in the world, and sometimes right around the corner.

That we are one being, that we are all breathing the very same breath, that our hearts are beating the very same pulse beat, that our life force is the same as that which flows within every being, every creature, everything, gives me pause. Doesn’t it you?

And it is in that pause that I remember the words “masters don’t hang out with each other”. I think the statement is bigger than I originally interpreted. To me, today it means that there are no masters, only beings who are united as one being. As the channeling continues to remind me, even those ones that we abhor or can’t even fathom their horrific actions; yes, even those beings am I united with.

For me, it’s time to focus on Truth instead of the illusion of separation from the whole. I’ve been told that such an illusion is the foundation of the very deep sleep state, one that humanity tends to find itself lost within, floundering around and looking for way out.

It’s my turn, our turn to firmly place ourselves in the next step of this journey. To remember that we are one being, that we are “doing our job” by holding the Light and Truth and Love consciously. Consciously. And then to breathe it forth into the full rich beauty of all physicality. When I do this, I am not hanging out with any one individual, nor do I wish to. I am the One. Just as are you.

I wish you the very best journey within this day… as Pretty Flower (a channeled energy from long ago) used to say, “Breathe deeply within this moment called eternity.”

Coffee’s getting cold…see you later.

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