After you have received a message from a departed loved one and the reality of what happened settles in, you might want to tell everyone. That is, if your communication was with a parent, you might want to go to all your siblings and tell them about it. That’s natural. But.

I want to encourage you to hold your treasure to your heart. Ask yourself what are your motives. Do you want to share the love? Do you want to say, “You’ll never guess what I did?” Do you want to pass on a message that you received for someone else? Nothing wrong with any of that.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

  1. What are the beliefs of those you would like to tell about your experience? If your experience was a treasure to you, will others doubt or worse, ridicule your experience?
  2. Though I encourage you to receive communications for yourself, there might be a message for another person; ask yourself how the message will affect that person. Then, if you decide to deliver the message in person, be sure to preface your telling by asking that person if he or she is willing to hear what came to you during your communication. Respect their response.

If you think that the person would be traumatized by a message, even if it is about love, then you can still deliver the message. The way that you can do this is to sit quietly and speak to the spirit of the person for whom the message has come, speaking in the same way you would if you were in person. Deliver the message and then at the end, say the words, “so be it.”

If the message seems to be a personal one, you can write it on paper and place it in an envelope. If the person agrees to receive it, you can give the envelope and then he or she can read the words in private, if they choose.

Often there will come a time for you to share your experience through a general conversation, one that you didn’t initiate. You might ask in a general way what are the thoughts about receiving a message from a departed loved one. Then you’ll be able to judge if it is wise to continue. In this way you are being fare to the other person and also to yourself.

In conclusion, opening to receive a message from or communicating with a departed love one is moving beyond the boundaries of the physical. You are asking yourself to open in deep and personal ways. I sincerely hope that you will be able to communicate with someone you love who has passed from physical and that the experience will be fulfilling and healing.

Connect with Your Departed Loved Ones

This session, Communication with Your Departed Loved One, is a gentle session…

And calls forth the revealed journey that your loved one has experienced since departing from physicality.

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